Customers of HubSpot Asia

Thinking of choosing HubSpot, but have some questions before you move forward? Then you've come to the right place. Welcome to Customers of HubSpot, a video library dedicated to our customers and their journey with HubSpot and the inbound methodology.


Southeast Asia

Hear from our customers in Southeast Asia on why they love HubSpot

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Ngo Manh Tung, CMO at BOXME

Boxme has grown their marketing qualified leads by 40% using HubSpot marketing automation. Listen to how they achieved this using smart forms and workflows.

Sarah Clark , Director of Global Marketing at TSA Solutions

Sarah Clark , Director of Global Marketing at TSA Solutions

After a rigorous tender process, TSA solutions picked HubSpot as their marketing platform of choice. The platform offered the breadth of tools the team needed to grow and Sarah who had used HubSpot in a previous company was a strong advocate for the tool.

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Lyon Lim, CEO at PigeonLab

Lyon Lim from PigeonLab shares what his experience evaluating HubSpot was like, how the sales process was different, and how HubSpot support was vital when integrating existing systems with HubSpot.


Hear from our customers from India on why they love HubSpot

Farheen Athar

Farheen Athar, MarCom manager at POSist

Farheen from POSist shares how they use HubSpot Marketing Professional for all their marketing needs. Having everything in one place has allowed the team to fully operate on HubSpot, and the added benefit of 24/7 support only makes it easier.

Soumil Kar

Soumil Kar, Head of Growth Marketing at Hyphen

Soumil from Hypher shares how they use HubSpot to track their entire customer journey from generating leads to closing customer. Soumil also shares how workflows help in automating Hypen's entire marketing engine

Anu Mangal

Anu Mangal, Marketing Manager at Roambee

Anu Mangal from HubSpot shares her experience on why they chose HubSpot as their vendor of choice for automating their marketing needs. She also shares her experience on how they grew their organic traffic with HubSpot


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