Plastic Printers Builds Pipeline using Proper Lead Nurturing

Plastic Printers was conducting one-off marketing blasts using MailChimp and e-Campaign in an attempt to move leads further along in the sales cycle. However, they lacked the tools to generate more leads, nurture leads to customers and measure the results of their marketing activities. HubSpot gave them the all-in-one tool they needed to support their needs.


year-over-year increase in revenue


conversion rate from lead to sales qualified lead


Luke Lingle founded Plastic Printers in his family’s home in St. Paul, MN in 1996. Today Plastic Printers is a 60 employee operation doing everything in house – from marketing to manufacturing. They produce one-of-a-kind luxury business cards, gift cards and other plastic card products. Their customers range from local businesses to large enterprises like Pepsi and Starbucks.

Before HubSpot

Nate Johnson, Marketing Manager at Plastic Printers, knew they had an opportunity to increase revenue by converting more of their web traffic to leads through inbound marketing. However, they lacked the strategy and tools to realize this opportunity.

“All of our previous leads were generated from organic SEO efforts and captured from one bottom of the funnel call-to-action we had on our site (Get a Price Quote) and one middle of the funnel offer (Request Samples).”  Plastic Printers was in need of a more comprehensive strategy to convert more of their visitors into subscribers who could then be converted to sales ready leads, and eventually customers!

Further, they couldn’t collect much information or segment their contacts because they were using disconnected tools.  They could send one off email blasts using Mail Chimp and e-Campaign, but they could not tailor their messages. “There was not any nurturing from samples to quote, we just sent out a monthly static email to our entire list,” says Nate.

Nate’s vision was to see how prospects were interacting with the website, build profiles around them, and send targeted communications to nurture them into sales qualified leads.

"We wanted to spend our time building pipelines rather than carrying buckets."

Nate Johnson

Marketing Manager

Plastic Printers

Plastic Printers Introduces An Inbound Marketing Strategy With HubSpot Tools

After training with HubSpot, Plastic Printers created an inbound marketing strategy that would bring more visitors to their website by leveraging an already sizable social media presence and turn more visitors into leads through top of the funnel offers. These leads would then be nurtured until they were ready for sales and finally closed as customers.

They used HubSpot’s Social Inbox and HubSpot Landing Pages attached to their offers to bring Twitter followers and website visitors into their contacts database.  Now, with an all-in-one tool, they could successfully segment leads and build a pipeline to transport them to sales qualified leads using HubSpot Workflows to trigger emails to the right leads at just the right time.

One example is a workflow targeted specifically at non purchasing prospects who have a twitter account with a new offer via email.  The email provided the prospect with a discount for their first order if they published a pre-written tweet “@Plasticprinters Send me my free #350OffCoupon” on their own account. To make things easier the tweet could be composed by simply clicking a button in the email!


Conversion and Rates and Revenue Growth Show Results

The lead nurturing campaign described above helped multiply their Twitter presence by taking advantage of their leads follower base within just a few months after implementing HubSpot. This in turn has allowed them to produce the world’s largest selection of custom shaped plastic cards.

 Overall, HubSpot’s Social Media and Email Tools have helped Plastic Printers automate their marketing activities and measure results. “I can spend my time executing on our strategy instead of needing to swing for the fence every time with very inconsistent results.” Nate Johnson

This year, Plastic Printers saw 64% of the subscribers generated from their new top of the funnel offers convert into sales qualified leads. In addition to the hard work of their employees, Johnson attributes part of Plastic Printers’ 24% year-over-year revenue increase to their ability to start the conversation with visitors earlier using inbound marketing and HubSpot’s easy to use tools.

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