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Email Deliverability at HubSpot

HubSpot delivers over 1 billion emails for our customers every month. Here's how.

At HubSpot, we're all inbound: the idea that the best way to grow your businesses is by creating valuable experiences for your prospects and customers.

As it turns out, inbound is perfectly aligned with email deliverability, because email deliverability follows trust, not tricks. The more relevant and remarkable your emails are, the more likely your customers will engage with them over time.

With that in mind, email deliverability is a priority at HubSpot. We do everything we can behind the scenes to ensure your valuable emails get into inboxes everywhere. On this page, we'll walk you through how we think about email deliverability at HubSpot.

  1. Product

    We know how important email is for your business. That's why we've built features that make it easy to own your own deliverability, and systems that ensure deliverability even at the busiest times.

    What does that look like, in practice? In HubSpot, you can filter out contacts that haven't engaged with your previous emails, in one click, so you're always sending to those who are looking forward to receiving your email. You can set a send frequency cap, to ensure you don't send too many emails to any single contact. You can view, segment, and export deliverability reports for your emails quickly and easily.

    On the back end, HubSpot has redundant systems in place to handle every email you send. Our systems expand automatically to stay ahead of your sends at the busiest times.

  2. People

    At HubSpot, we have an entire team dedicated solely to email deliverability. Our email deliverability team provides support and best practices to help create the right strategy for your business, and they're monitoring your email performance 24/7. We participate in vetted industry groups like M3AAWG and the ESPC to stay ahead of new trends on behalf of our users.

    Our email deliverability team ensures that everyone is playing by the same rules and adhering to email best practices, and we're equipped to have hard conversations with users who may not be.

    The team's impact permeates throughout HubSpot; sending good email and ensuring deliverability are embedded in our culture. Everyone at HubSpot is trained in email best practices, and our marketing team sets industry trends around deliverability.

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  3. Predictive Insights

    Unlike competitive products, our system is intelligent. It doesn't stop at "undeliverable;" it delves into the specific reason an email wasn't delivered, and updates your email list accordingly. Plus, it gets smarter over time. As we see new undeliverable data flowing in, our systems update their algorithms to get even better at optimizing performance for your next send. 

    In addition, HubSpot uses machine learning to predict when an email campaign's performance is doing damage to your sending reputation. We pause the send automatically, and notify your HubSpot consultants to help you get ahead of the problem.

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