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Learning how to Bcc in Gmail is a useful skill that lets you add multiple recipients to an email without revealing their email addresses to other recipients. 

Table of contents

  1. How to Bcc in Gmail
  2. How does Bcc work in Gmail?
  3. How many email addresses can you Bcc in Gmail?
  4. How to Bcc a group in Gmail

How to Bcc in Gmail: (Step-by-step with photos)

  1. Navigate to Gmail. Click on the "Compose" button in the upper-left corner of your screen to start a new email.
  2. By default, the "To" field will be selected, but you can click on the "Bcc" button located on the right side of the screen, next to the "Cc" button.
  3. Once you click on the "Bcc" button, a new "Bcc" field will appear under the "To" field.

  4. Type in the email addresses of the recipients you want to Bcc in the "Bcc" field.

  5. Once you've added all the recipients to the "Bcc" field, you can finish composing your email.

  6. When you're ready to send your email, click on the "Send" button. Your email will be sent to all the recipients in the "To" and "Cc" fields, as well as those in the "Bcc" field. But, the Bcc recipients won't be able to see the email addresses of other Bcc recipients.

How does Bcc work in Gmail?

When you use the Bcc feature in Gmail, the recipients added to the Bcc field will receive the email just like any other recipient. However, they won't be able to see the email addresses of other Bcc recipients, only the sender and the recipients added to the "To" and "Cc" fields.

Bcc is a great tool for sending an email to multiple people while keeping their email addresses private from each other. These are a few examples of when you might want to use Bcc:

  1. Sending a message to a large group of people: If you need to send a message to a large group of people, using Bcc can help you keep their email addresses private. This is especially useful if you're sending an email to people who may not know each other, such as a company-wide announcement.
  2. Protecting privacy: If you're sending an email with sensitive information, such as a recruiting message, you may want to use Bcc to protect the privacy of the recipients. This can help prevent the information from being shared with unintended parties.

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How many email addresses can you Bcc in Gmail?

Gmail has a daily sending limit of 500 emails per day, which includes all recipients. This can be either a single email to 500 recipients or 500 individual emails. It's important to note that new accounts may have lower limits.

When using the Bcc feature, make sure to keep track of how many recipients you're adding to avoid exceeding the limit.

How to Bcc a group in Gmail:

If you want to Bcc a group of people in Gmail regularly, you can create a contact group first. Here's how to do it:

  1. Go to Google Contacts. You can do this by clicking the “Google Apps” button on the top right of Gmail. 
  2. Click "Create label" in the left-hand menu.

  3. Name your new label, such as "Bcc Group," and click "Save."

  4. To add contacts to your new label, navigate to your Contacts list.

  5. Select the contacts you want to add to your new label.

  6. In the toolbar, choose the "Manage labels" icon and select the label you just created.

  7. Go back to your Gmail and open up a new email window.

  8. Click on the "Bcc" button, and Gmail will automatically navigate you to the contacts page.

  9. Click on the “My Contacts” dropdown.

  10. Select the contact list you just made.

  11. Add your message and hit “Send.”



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