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Supporting the Black Community: Resources for Stronger Allyship

A collection of articles, books, podcasts, and more, curated to help us all become stronger allies.

If you're looking for ways to become a better ally to the Black community, this page is for you. We put these resources together for HubSpot employees to learn how they can become better allies and anti-racists. We know that a list of resources won’t fix the centuries-long issue of racial injustice. But we believe that with understanding comes empathy, and with empathy comes action.

To that end, we hope that these resources help to inspire us all to take meaningful steps towards making our workplaces, industry, and society truly equitable for members of the Black community. We encourage you to use the resources, reflect on what you learn, and share some of these materials with your coworkers, family, and friends.

We know this work will never be ‘done’; our conversations about racial injustice need to sustain and evolve. So, we'll continue to share our progress in helping to drive real, lasting change, and we’ll continue to update this page with resources as we continue to learn.


These articles include perspectives on a broad range of topics, from allyship to anti-racism to privilege, from trusted voices at respected publications.

Allyship and Activism




BIPOC Experience








Systemic Racism




The list below includes memoirs, historical works, and essays about race-related issues from a multi-generational range or writers.


This list includes a Pulitzer Prize-winning account of the history of slavery (1619), a show that explores how race impacts daily life (Code Switch), a series that re-examines the past (Revisionist History), and more.

Documentaries, Movies, and TV

The list below includes award-winning documentaries and critically acclaimed movies that cover topics such as mass incarceration (13th), racism in sport (Breaking the Huddle), and the civil rights movement (Selma).



Movies and TV

Videos and Ted Talks

Including interviews, explainers, and Ted Talks, this list of videos covers a wide range of topics related to racial inequality.

Resources for Parents and Kids

For parents seeking to speak to their kids about race, below is a list of popular children’s books, as well as articles and videos with actionable advice from authoritative sources.

Children’s Books





We'll continue to add resources to this list as we keep learning.