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First-Gens in Tech 2020

Think working in tech is just coding? Think again.

About the Event

The tech industry continues to be one of the fastest-growing industries in the U.S., attracting applicants for about 4.6 million jobs in 2019 (Cyber States). But breaking into tech can be daunting, especially if you're the first in your family, community, or network to pursue a career in tech. Our goal is to connect first-gens with the information and resources you need to get started, and to network with people who have done just that. If you see it, you can be it.

The 2020 Experience

The First-Gens in Tech digital experience will offer content in a number of different formats. From live sessions to on-demand videos, there’s something for everyone. 

  • Choose Your Track

    Choose Your Track

    Learn about careers in tech, based on the area of focus: building a product/service, solving for users and customers, or supporting employees and crafting culture.

  • Slack Community

    Slack Community

    Engage with speakers during some of our scheduled sessions and connect in breakout channels with your fellow first-gens to discuss your experience and more.

  • events


    Dive into sessions about approaching your job search as a first-gen at your own pace. Can't attend any of the live streams? They'll be available on-demand for viewing too.

Featured Speakers


Check out when we’ll be hosting our live sessions. For the best experience, we recommend viewing this page and tuning into sessions on a laptop or computer instead of mobile. Can’t make the sessions live? Find them in our on-demand library below starting November 11.

Monday, November 9th

  • 4PM: Welcome to First-Gens in Tech Keynote (WATCH THE REPLAY)

    • Kick off your First-Gens in Tech experience with a quick welcome film from our team at HubSpot, and then join us on Slack to meet and connect with fellow first-gen individuals looking to break into tech like you. 
    • Speaker: Faylis Matos, HubSpot


    4PM: SLACK MEETUP: What Makes You a First-Gen?

    • Introduce yourself and meet fellow first-gens in the community, share what makes you a first-gen in tech and what you're excited to learn at the event. 


    5PM: First-Gens in Tech Panel (WATCH THE REPLAY)

    • We have a panel of folks from different backgrounds with various career journeys and experiences who are going to share their stories about finding themselves in tech. Why did they decide to go into tech? What attracted them most? Find out from these great panelists. 
    • Panelists: Sam Abrams (HubSpot), David Torres (HubSpot), Lou Orfanos (HubSpot), Matthew Quinn (Black Tech Columbus) 


    6PM: Setting Your Perspective for Your Job Search (WATCH THE REPLAY)

    • Join us for a talk that seeks to uncover the barriers and realities that you're facing in your job search, and learn tips and strategies to help you shape your mindset to apply for that job you're targeting. 
    • Speaker: Kiaundra Jackson

Tuesday, November 10th

  • 11AM: ASK ME ANYTHING: Networking - Online & In-person (WATCH THE REPLAY)

    • How do you meet and connect with professionals in your target industry or job field both online and in-person? How do you follow-up after your initial connection? We'll answer your questions to nail the basics of networking, identify what a clear ask and follow-up looks like, and how networking can help you in your job search. 
    • Panelists: Mary Margaret (HubSpot), Jose Ortiz (HubSpot), Lauren Murray (HubSpot), Carrie Maultsby (Mills College)


    1PM: HOW TO: Build & Develop Your Skills Using Certifications (WATCH THE REPLAY)

    • Learn about how tools like HubSpot Academy can help you learn and build valuable skills to start your career.
    • Speaker: Julien Clement (HubSpot) 


    2PM: ASK ME ANYTHING LIVE: Translating Your Non-Traditional Experiences (WATCH THE REPLAY)

    • Grab advice from recruiters and industry professionals about how to position and present your non-traditional experiences for a job in tech. You'll receive tips on how to do this in both a resume and interview setting.
    • Panelists: Schmidt St. Fleur (HubSpot), Flora Wang, (HubSpot), Brenda Arraya -Franco (HubSpot) 



    • We'll tackle your questions live Q&A style about how to prepare for interviews, things to do after interviews, and how to address and crush common interview barriers.
    • Panelist: Irina Rosenblit (HubSpot), Josh Reed (HubSpot), Allison Ventura (HubSpot)

    4:30PM: ASK ME ANYTHING LIVE: Navigating the Offer Process (WATCH THE REPLAY)

    • We'll demystify what you can generally expect from an employer when you're offered a job.
    • Panelist: Celeste Narganes (HubSpot), Angela Liu (Hack.Diversity) 


    5PM: Closing Keynote (WATCH THE REPLAY)

  • 10AM: HOW I GOT STARTED: Supporting Users + Customers (WATCH THE REPLAY)

    • Join us for a panel discussion about how tenured professionals who work directly with users and customers started their careers and developed the skills they needed to advance for their professional development.
    • Panelists: Sophia Sirage (HubSpot), Amanda Sellers (HubSpot), Tiki Biswal (HubSpot)


    10AM:HOW I GOT STARTED: Supporting People & the Organization (WATCH THE REPLAY)

    • Join us for a panel discussion with tenured professionals who work directly with a company's employees and whole organization. Hear how they started their careers and developed the skills they needed to advance for their professional development.
    • Panelists: Ashley Sherwood, (HubSpot), Oscar Zavala (HubSpot), Marilyn Louis (HubSpot)


    12PM: HOW I GOT STARTED: Building & Supporting Products (WATCH THE REPLAY)

    • Join us for a panel discussion with tenured professionals who focus on building, designing and supporting a company's products and services. Hear how they started their careers and developed the skills they needed to advance for their professional development.
    • Panelists: Frank Romeu (HubSpot),  Mat Peterson (HubSpot), Tram Dao (HubSpot), Ovidio Reyna (Liberty Mutual)



    Join us in the First-Gens in Slack community here to participate in this networking session.

  • 1-5PM: First-Gens in Tech Office Hours: Office Hours

    • Sign-up for a 10-minute appointment using the Office Hours form. You’ll have until 11:59pm EST on Monday, November 9 to sign-up, and you’ll receive a follow-up email on Tuesday, November 10 if you have received an appointment during these office hours.
    • Bring your resume/cover letter/questions about interviewing and get them answered 1:1 over Zoom (This will be on a first-come, first-serve basis). 
    • HubSpot Recruiters
  • 9:30AM: SLACK MEETUP: Day 1 Debrief  

    • Connect with other attendees about: What stuck out from Day 1? What are you looking forward to learning in Day 2?


    12:30PM: SLACK MEETUP: What Do You Look For in A Company Culture?

    • Connect with other attendees and discuss what are the factors and things you seek in an ideal company's culture and work environment.


    5PM: SLACK MEETUP: Wrapping Up Your First-Gens in Tech Experience

    • What are you taking away from FGIT? What will you do differently?

On-Demand Library

Gather tips and advice about your job search from recruiters and industry professionals, and watch these sessions at your own pace.

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Getting Started

Here’s how to set yourself up for success during this year’s First-Gens in Tech digital experience.

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