First-Gens in Tech

Created by first-gens for first-gens and designed to help break barriers entering the tech industry.

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About First-Gens in Tech

HubSpot's FIRST-GENS IN TECH is an experience for first-generation individuals interested in learning more about what it really means to work in tech.

The tech industry continues to be one of the fastest growing industries all around the world, and there are so many job opportunities in tech just waiting to be filled. After attending our event, you'll not only learn which jobs will help you break into the industry, but also how to ask your imposter syndrome to take the day off (or several) and to gain tips for landing your first job in tech!

Who is considered “first-generation"?
For this event, we consider first-gens to be any person:
  • who was not born in your country of residence OR
  • whose parents were not born in your country of residence OR
  • who is the first in their family to attend college/university OR
  • who is the first in their family to enter the corporate world
Why attend?

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the contextcommunity, and real life examples of other first-gen people doing great things in tech. We will create an opportunity for you to:

  • Meet first-generation leaders thriving in the tech scene
  • Hear from first-gen individuals from various tech companies about their experiences starting their careers
  • Leave with actionable tips and takeaways to help kickstart your career regardless of which career path you choose in tech

What to Expect


Advice from Fellow First-Gens

Hear from first-gen leaders in tech from HubSpot and a number of other tech companies through our panels and live talks, how they broke into the industry first-hand, and their tips to help you with some of the common barriers that first-gens face.


Topics We'll Address

We'll cover topics to address some common barriers that first-gens face like how to translate your experience, the types of technical and non-technical jobs you can do in tech, navigating imposter syndrome as a first-gen, resume writing, and more!



Learn the basics behind networking while meeting fellow first-gens like yourself. We'll have a number of opportunities for you to connect and network with first-gens like you.


An Integrated Virtual Experience

For the first time ever, we're leveraging a single, integrated platform thanks to our friends at Bevy, where you can watch sessions, network with fellow first-gens, and live chat — all in one place.


2022 Event Recordings

Our opening session will celebrate what it means to be first-gen and overcome the many barriers we often face. This kickoff keynote will feature a fireside chat with Leo Cortez, the Director of Emerging Talent Recruiting at HubSpot, moderated by Jillian LaRiccia, Emerging Talent Program Coordinator at HubSpot.


  • Leo Cortez, Director of Emerging Talent Recruiting @ HubSpot
  • Jillian LaRiccia, Emerging Talent Program Coordinator @ HubSpot

Want to feel prepared to crush your next interview? This session will provide you with tips on preparing for your next interview such as how to talk about your experience - including non-tech experience, answering behavioral interview questions, and so much more!


  • Joni Factor, Senior Recruiter @ HubSpot
  • Iman Griffin, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Program Manager @ HubSpot

Networking is a skill that can be developed. In this video, Risi Ademola will teach you the tips you need to successfully build your network and make long-lasting connections. Missed the session? Check out the recording by clicking the External Links tab in the navigation bar!


  • Risi Ademola, Emerging Talent Recruiter @ HubSpot

Yesenia Reyna is an expert on using LinkedIn and job board platforms. This video will share tips on leveraging LinkedIn to help you grow your career. Missed the session? Check out the recording by clicking the External Links tab in the main navigation bar!


  • Yesenia Reyna, Talent Sourcer @ HubSpot

Write a resume that will help you stand out! This session will review best practices for crafting your resume for your tech career and will also include tips on navigating the job search process to find an opportunity that matches your goals, skills, and experience.


  • Jeannie Jaworski, Team Lead of Customer Success @ HubSpot
  • Alicia Bock, Recruiter @ HubSpot

Hear from women that work in various roles throughout the tech industry as they share their perspectives on a number of topics from transferable skills, imposter syndrome, to things they wish they would have known before breaking into the tech industry.


  • Shiqueen Brown, Senior Partnerships Manager
  • Deandra Simon, Engineering Program Manager
  • Jennifer Lux, Head of Growth Acquisition @ HubSpot
  • Elizabeth Alvarado Linares, Manager of Partner Operations @ HubSpot
  • Abby Hickman, Emerging Talent Recruiter @ HubSpot

This session will give you the opportunity to connect directly with individuals in various roles to learn more about a day in the life, interview tips, how to break into this specific arena and career growth opportunities.

Check out the departments we featured below!

  • Brianna Mckenzie - Mid-Market Account Executive L2 @ HubSpot
  • Leticia Henry, Sales Manager - Latin America Small Business & Mid-Market @ HubSpot


Customer Support
  • Caroline Fernandes - Manager, Customer Support Team @ HubSpot
  • Alex Mungoni - Customer Support Specialist @ HubSpot
  • Josefina Ondo-Baca - Senior Customer Support Specialist @ HubSpot

Product, User Experience, and Engineering
  • Yakein Abdelmagid, Sr UX Researcher II @ HubSpot
  • Sierra Howard, Associate Product Manager @ HubSpot
  • Olabayo Onile-Ere, Software Engineer @ HubSpot

  • Brenda Arraya-Franco, Marketing Technical Manager @ HubSpot
  • Natalie Gullatt, Marketing Manager @ HubSpot
  • Sheri Otto, Senior Marketing Manager @ HubSpot
People Operations
  • Troy Cassity, Recruiting Coordinator @ HubSpot
  • Jasmine Tran, Associate Recruiter @ HubSpot
  • Bliss Mayon, Talent Sourcer @ HubSpot
  • Taylor Lee, Human Resources Business Partner @ HubSpot
Revenue Operations & Data Analytics:
  • Josh Chang, Director, Data & Analytics @ HubSpot
  • V Boykin, Senior Program Manager, Global Skills @ HubSpot
  • Uyen Ballantyne, Analytics Engineer @ HubSpot

Join HubSpot's Alyssa K. Cole and Angie D'Alli as they reflect on their highlights and top moments from our 2022 First-Gens in Tech event.

Past Events

Watch talks and other on-demand sessions from previous First-Gens in Tech events.



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