HubSpot & Google

The free CRM for small to enterprise businesses, seamlessly integrated with one of world's most innovative companies.

With Google Ads, G Suite, and Google Cloud, Google has become woven into the fabric of how modern organizations operate and grow. Thankfully, because of a strategic partnership, and our philosophy of building software that reflects how people work, Google has also become woven into the fabric of HubSpot.

It’s not just that Google lives within HubSpot; it’s that when the two platforms come together, you end up with a better understanding of your customers and a more effective strategy for growth. Because integration is good, but elevation is that much better.

  1. Google Ads in Context

    There’s a gap between Google Ads and G Suite in the Google platform. You generate leads with one tool and communicate with them in the other, but the two never connect. By using Google Ads with HubSpot, you can bridge that gap, build Google Ads campaigns within HubSpot, understand your ROI, and for the first time see the full end-to-end customer experience.

  2. Your CRM in your Inbox

    If you're like us, you spend a big chunk of your day in Gmail. The better your CRM talks to your inbox, the more time you'll spend with customers, and the less time you'll spend on manual data entry. HubSpot CRM syncs seamlessly with Gmail. Log emails sent from Gmail into HubSpot CRM with one click, track opens and clicks in real time, and see every detail from your CRM without leaving your inbox.

  3. Your Calendar in your CRM

    Automatically sync meetings from your Google Calendar into HubSpot CRM, or book your meetings right from HubSpot CRM, and they’ll show up on your Google Calendar in real time. Or, hook up your Google Calendar to HubSpot's meetings tool to create beautiful branded booking links for your buyers to use --- which your reps can access right from Gmail.

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