Partner Leaderboard Terms and Conditions

Last Modified: June 17, 2019


We are excited to have our Agency Partners, Sales Referral Partners, and Sales Solutions Partners (“Partner(s)”) participate in leaderboards (“Leaderboard(s)”) that we may periodically display in HubSpot’s partner community. We ask that you review these important terms. By participating in the Leaderboards, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. 

HubSpot reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time without giving you prior notice. Your participation in the Leaderboards following any such modification constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by these Terms and Conditions as modified. The last date these Terms and Conditions were revised is set forth above.

  1. Our Partner community allows you to participate in Leaderboards that compare your company’s results against other Partners. You may be ranked within a Leaderboard against other Partners within a set duration or for an open-ended time period.
  2. We will decide Leaderboard status and rankings in our complete and final discretion. Leaderboard standings and ranking metrics are subject to change at any time, with or without notice.
  3. You agree that your display name, company name, scores, avatar, country location, and other details may be displayed in Leaderboards. These items will be visible to other Partners and the public and will not be treated as confidential. Some Leaderboards may include financial or performance metrics, such as monthly recurring revenue (“MRR”). If you do not wish to have this information displayed, please contact so we can remove you from those Leaderboards. 
  4. Our Partner community, like other HubSpot websites, is governed by the HubSpot Website Terms of Use. You are solely responsible for your interactions with other Partners in this community. We aim to provide a safe and enjoyable community and reserve the right, but are not required to, moderate Partner interactions and take any actions we deem necessary in accordance with the HubSpot Website Terms of Use and HubSpot Acceptable Use Policy.
  5. You understand and agree that you may be entered into sweepstakes or contests based on Leaderboard rankings. There are separate terms and conditions that apply to each of these sweepstakes and contests, so even if you’re entered, you might or might not be eligible to win. If you don’t want to be entered into any sweepstakes or contests, you can opt out by sending a request in writing to   

If you decide you no longer want to participate in any or all Leaderboards, that’s fine. We get it. Please email so we can remove you going forward. (Please note that it might not be possible to remove you from previously published Leaderboards.)