Enthusem + HubSpot Integration Case Study

HubSpot agency partner Captevrix reports a 22% response rate and attributes $180,000 in revenue from a direct mail campaign leveraging the Enthusem + HubSpot integration.

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Captevrix is HubSpot Gold agency partner specialized in aligning sales and marketing teams and generating revenue for its clients.

By leveraging the Enthusem integration with HubSpot, Captevrix:

  • Saved three hours per week on data management
  • Reports a 22% response rate from their direct mail campaign
  • Attributed $180,000 in revenue to a single direct mail campaign. 

To help their clients, Captevrix was searching for a way to combine traditional and digital marketing strategies

Captevrix was looking for a way to bridge traditional marketing approaches with the digital landscape. It was a challenge to reach contacts by email and phone and so Captevrix wanted to diversify their marketing strategy to combine direct mail sends with email nurturing and content campaigns to help their clients grow.

However, they were concerned about being able to show ROI from a traditional marketing strategy. It was extremely important to be able to gather and track data associated with direct mail campaigns in order to report on performance.



Captevrix found Enthusem and began using it alongside HubSpot to build a strong relationship with prospects and customers

As a solution, Captevrix found Enthusem to work alongside HubSpot. The implementation was straightforward and well documented. In particular, the ability to manage contacts and trigger personal video postcard sends from within the Hubspot CRM was a game changer for their marketing strategy. Additionally, the ability to track that data in the CRM is instrumental to Captevrix’s digital suite.

Captevrix finds that the personal touch of a physical, printed postcard enhances the relationship we all work to build in the digital world.

“Not only the ability to use Enthusem, but the ability to sync with our Hubspot CRM and maintain data consistency has improved and saved my team time.”

Aaron Dyess



The Enthusem + HubSpot integration saves time and generates significant returns in revenue

With the integration, Captevrix generated a postcard campaign to the contacts who had started a conversation with them. Out of the few hundred cards sent, they can attribute nearly $180,000 in earned revenue that wouldn't have been captured without this ability. Additionally, their team has been able to save three hours per week and $1500 per month on time usually spent managing and keeping data up to date.

Aaron Dyess, President at Captevrix, says, “I would highly recommend the Enthusem team to any agency or company looking to bridge a traditional marketing approach with video marketing and ultimately digital marketing.”



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