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PandaDoc + HubSpot Integration Case Study

Carr Workplaces saves $100K on software annually and reduces time to close by 15% with the PandaDoc + HubSpot integration
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Carr Workplaces provides a hospitality-driven approach to the coworking office environment. In a crowded marketplace, beautiful spaces are expected, and Carr Workplaces includes concierge-level services and energizing professional community that sets them apart.

By leveraging the PandaDoc integration with HubSpot, Carr Workplaces:

  • Reduced time to close by 15% in one quarter
  • Saved $100K annually on CRM and e-signature software

Carr Workplaces needed more robust proposal software to use with HubSpot Sales Hub

When Carr Workplaces was shopping for new sales software to support their growing team, they found HubSpot Sales Hub. However, they realized that they would need a more robust proposal and agreement generation tool, and so they asked their HubSpot sales rep for a suggestion.

They were told about PandaDoc, and they committed to both Sales Hub and PandaDoc at the same time; the decision went hand in hand.


Create proposals directly inside of the HubSpot CRM. 

After an easy installation, Carr Workplaces takes advantage of the robust features of the PandaDoc + HubSpot integration

Carr Workplaces found setting up the integration to be simple and easy; it was ready to go in less than five minutes. Ashley Buckner, Senior VP of Sales and Operations, says that her favorite part of PandaDoc is that it lets Carr Workplaces have proposals and agreements that are visually reflective of their brand. She says, “Previously, we were using a Word document that was extremely basic. Now, prospects are wowed by our company immediately on receiving a proposal.”

There are a few more notable features of the integration that have turned Carr Workplaces into a promoter. The integration enables checks and balances by allowing regional managers approve agreements before they are sent in the system, allowing them to catch mistakes before they reach the client. With the dashboard, you can see at a glance where the documents stand in each stage of our sales process. Additionally, “HubSpot and PandaDoc support have been extremely helpful, usually responding within an hour,” says Ashley.

HubSpot and PandaDoc have changed our sales process entirely. We are now smarter, faster, and proud of what we are able to send to our prospects.

Ashley Buckner

Senior VP of Sales and Operations

Carr Workplaces

With the integration, Carr Workplaces saves money and closes more deals, faster

Since PandaDoc is seamlessly integrated with HubSpot, Carr Workplaces cut out two other pieces of software, including a separate electronic signature software. Additionally, they automated their signature, approval, and sales analysis processes which were previously very manual.

In one quarter of using PandaDoc and HubSpot Sales Pro, Carr Workplaces’ time to close has reduced by 15%. With better information on prospects, they are closing deals faster, ultimately allowing them to close more deals. The combination of these two products has also saved the company $100K annually over the CRM and e-signature softwares being used previously.  

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