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Typeform + HubSpot Integration Case Study

Educational technology platform 100mentors increases conversions by 20% and cuts data entry time in half with the Typeform + HubSpot integration.

logo-square100mentors is the educational technology platform that empowers students to become more conscious by posing the right questions to the world’s experts. They connect students with mentors from top universities like Harvard and Cambridge and companies like Facebook and Google.

By leveraging the Typeform integration with HubSpot, 100mentors:

  • Increased conversions by 20%
  • Spent 50% less time on data entry, leaving more time to contact the right leads

Collecting feedback is a key part of 100mentors business strategy, but a manual process for their team

100mentors spends a lot of time collecting feedback from existing and potential customers to ensure they are providing a service that meets customer needs and expectations. They use this information in their lead scoring system, to make sure they send the most qualified leads to the sales team. Additionally, the customer success team analyzes feedback gained from surveys to provide a more personalized experience to customers.

Typeform and HubSpot play a big role in this process. But before the integration, 100mentors had to copy-paste Typeform responses into the CRM, which was extremely time consuming. They needed a way to directly track responses in HubSpot so the data could be used effectively by the marketing, sales, and customer success teams.

Using the Typeform + HubSpot integration, 100mentors had their lead generation tool work hand in hand with their CRM

For 100mentors, the most important feature of the integration is the ability to capture new information about their leads and directly send the information to HubSpot CRM.

The marketing team leverages Typeform, a key lead generation tool that lets people create fun forms to keep their visitors engaged and delighted. While building out the contact database, the team uses the information collected to send personalized emails. HubSpot CRM is their system of record and the integration helps to match the responses to existing contacts so they can communicate with people in a personalized way. With all of the data effortlessly tracked in HubSpot, it is also shared with sales and customer success teams.

With the integration, 100mentors gets more conversions and saves their team time

In the three months using the integration, 100mentors has seen 20% more conversions and 50% less time spent from their team. Because their tools are connected, the marketing team no longer needs to copy and paste responses; the sales team still has all the context they need to contact the right leads at the right time; and the customer success team has the context for the full customer journey at their fingertips.

Using this integration has helped our company be more flexible and provide better experience to our clients.

Aliki Bardaka

Inbound Manager