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Zapier + HubSpot Integration Case Study

Purple achieves 2X the industry standard for engagement with the Zapier + HubSpot integration.


Purple is a direct to consumer comfort tech company.

By leveraging the Zapier integration with HubSpot, Purple:

  • Achieved 2X the industry standard for open and engagement rates
  • Saved 20+ hours in developer time

Purple needed to integrate their reviews platform with HubSpot to stay engaged with reviewers

Customer reviews are an essential for Purple. In order to deliver a delightful customer experience, Purple wanted the ability to pass customer reviews on products back into HubSpot so the team could follow up with reviewers and segment reviews for additional analysis. The platform Purple was using for reviews did not have a direct integration to Hubspot so they looked into using an app automator, Zapier, to connect the two platforms.

The Zapier integration is simple and straightforward

Zapier helped Purple achieve a seamless integration between HubSpot and their reviews platform. According to Brett Swensen, Director of Email and Marketing Automation at Purple, the setup was “simple and straightforward, that’s what I like about Zapier.”

Zapier has given the marketing team at Purple the ability to integrate the tools they use every day, without having to rely on expensive technical resources. As a result, their team has become more agile, allowing them to test and scale more quickly.

Without the Zapier/Hubspot integration, I'd be stuck in a bottomless pit of CSVs and spend far too much time on manual input. This integration helps us continue to be agile and delivers critical information needed for our business to grow.

Brett Swensen

Director of Email and Marketing Automation


Zapier + HubSpot integration saves developer resources and improves engagement

By setting up the simple Zapier + HubSpot integration, Purple was able to save their developers 20 hours of work—most of which would've been spent connecting different APIs. But, with the Zapier integration, Purple is now able to get user reviews into HubSpot, and they can further segment their customers to ensure the right message is getting to the right person at the right time. This allows Purple to interact with customers who may have had a difficult experience differently from the 5 star review advocates.

As a result, Purple has achieved open and engagement rates 2X industry standards. They will continue to use this data to drive returns down and improve overall personalized experiences for customers.

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