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Summary of Findings

In this report we share findings from an analysis of 1,400 HubSpot customers inbound marketing activities. The study reveals that the following four factors have a significant positive impact on leads:

1. Indexed pages in Google
For every fifty to 100 pages of indexed pages in Google, leads achieved double digit growth. Lead growth experiences significant acceleration for customers with more than several hundred indexed pages.

2. The number of keywords for which sites rank in Googles top 100 results
Increasing the number of keywords starts to impact lead growth only once marketers achieve top 100 rankings for a significant number of keywords (in the teens).

3. Publishing and growing blogs
Customers with blogs gathered 68% more leads than customers without blogs. Growing articles starts to impact lead growth once 20+ articles become available.

4. Using Twitter and growing followers
B2C customers using Twitter generated two times more leads than customers without a Twitter account. Twitter users with several hundred followers had approximately twice as many leads as Twitter users with followers in the double digits.

In this report, we explore each of these relationships in more detail.
The significance of these factors to lead growth validates the importance of creating unique online content through many mediums. It also demonstrates the importance of distributing this content through social media outlets (e.g. Twitter) to maximize online presence.

Introduction To Lead Generation Tips

This analysis focused on discovering the most significant and positive interactions between inbound marketing activities and leads. We analyzed 3 months worth of data on 15+ metrics for 1,400 HubSpot customers. Six of these metrics stood out, due to the strength of their relationship to lead growth. See metric definitions in the Appendix.
To control for company size and type, we evaluated differences in results for the following groups of customers:
Large customers (L): defined as customers with 50+ employees
Medium sized customers (M): 11 to 50 employees
Small customers (S): 1 to 10 employees
B2B customers
B2C customers

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