Growth-Driven Design Winner

Learn how an inbound-driven website redesign increased Cayman Enterprise City's conversion rate by 32%, as told by David Ward of Meticulosity above.

The Growth-Driven Design Award recognizes an agency that is making the biggest client impact by using the retainer-based growth-driven design model.

(CEC) is a Special Economic Zone located in the Cayman Islands. CEC offers an opportunity for companies to move into a pro-business offshore environment in which they can grow their company, protect their intellectual property, and benefit from a tax-neutral jurisdiction - all while living in paradise.

CEC realized after launching their 2nd website in 4 years that their ideal client, and thus their corresponding marketing materials, voice, and website content, were all changing faster then they could have ever imagined. With potential clients all over the world each with unique business needs, it was essential that CEC's website clearly portrayed their offerings, selling points, and competitive advantages.

Meticulosity knew Inbound Marketing was the right approach to drive more traffic to the CEC website. GDD was the icing on the cake because it offered a systematic approach to re-launch their website quickly while providing the ability to use all the great sales and marketing data that they had been collecting. Doing so allowed CEC to see an increase in monthly conversion rates of 32%.


  • site_traffic_picto.png


    Increase in monthly visits

  • lead_picto.png


    Increase in monthly leads

  • increase_picto.png


    Increase in conversion rates


Meticulosity’s strong roots in web development allow us to offer a greater range of services that connect the loop between driving traffic to your website through Inbound Marketing and closing them into sales and conversions through innovative website features and functionality. Our primary expertise is with ecommerce and online retailers as well as lead generation for high-value verticals like addiction treatment facilities.