Watch this 7 minute demo of the new Facebook - HubSpot Ads integration to get started!


What is it:A powerful integration between Facebook ads and HubSpot will be available for all customers with the Ads Add-On starting January 18, 2017. This includes the automatic import of Facebook Lead Ads into HubSpot.

Customers who have purchased the $100 Add-On, will see Facebook Ads as a new option in the setting of the Ads Add-On. Simply click connect and we form a bond between your Facebook Ads and HubSpot, allowing HubSpot to automatically report on ad conversions and track the ROI of your Facebook Ads.


Now is a great time to remind your clients about the Ads Add-On.

Why? They may have been waiting on Facebook before buying, and the combined value prop of having Facebook along with AdWords and LinkedIn is strong. We also recently introduced Deals ROI, a 100% accurate ROI calculation via a CRM integration.

Facebook Add On.png

When you integrate Facebook Ads data with HubSpot, we’re able to surface a complete ads funnel. This means you can see exactly which Facebook Ads drove leads and the resulting ROI of any deals generated. With this update, HubSpot now surfaces Facebook ads ROI automatically, you don’t have to paste any codes or do any math.Facebook Ads 2.pngCustomer will also see new leads generated from Facebook Leads Ads automatically ported into HubSpot. This will create a new ad and form event, see example above.
  • The public launch will be Thursday, 1/19/17.

    The integration is now in an open beta, and we'll ungate all Ads users and notify them of the Facebook Ads Integration on 1/19/17. Please fill out the form below if you'd like your agency to be added to the beta before the public launch.

    Request Access to the Facebook Ads Beta Now >>

  • The value of the Ads Add-On comes for our ability to show customers what happens after someone clicks on their ad. HubSpot is able to show customers the exact ROI of their investment in ads, like no other tool, because we can close the loop from ad click, to lead, to deal.

    1. Reporting - Real ROI and automatic conversion tracking for all Facebook Ads. You don’t have to create your ads in HubSpot for this to work. Currently we don’t support Facebook Ad creation.
    2. Lead Ads - Automatically imported into HubSpot with campaign event data.
    3. Deals ROI - Connection with your CRM to provide 100% accurate ROI data.
    4. Instagram Ad Reporting - Because Instragram ads are an ad unit in Facebook, we're able to report on the ROI and results of your Instagram ads. 
  • No change to pricing - HubSpot Ads is a $100 Add-On available to all customers.
  • Facebook Ads have quickly become the top paid media option for marketers, even for B2B. Their ad units are simple, smart and effective for B2B, mid-market advertisers. Their targeting technology helps our customers reach the right users and get more from their inbound campaigns. Our customers still need to be strategic but they should try moving budget towards this option.
  • All customers who also have the Ads Add-On.

  • The Ads Add-On connects directly to a customer's Facebook account through OAuth. This allows HubSpot users to analyze and edit Facebook ads directly in their portal. Similar to other networks we then add this data to the contact timeline of any known leads.
  • Marketers should be running all of their ads through HubSpot ads to evaluate ROI across networks. They should use this data to make better decisions about how much and where they should spend on paid media.

This offer is only available for Tiered Partner's registered leads and is not available to any existing HubSpot customer.

To take advantage of this promotion, an order must be completed. This is an Optional Partner Program, and for more details on the terms that apply, please see our Agency Partner Program Agreement.

Talk to your Channel Account Manager for more information. 

Positioning HubSpot Ads

HubSpot Ads enables complete, exact and automatic ROI reporting for your Facebook/Instagram, AdWords and LinkedIn Ads. This information gives you answers to the hard ad related questions. Are my ads working? Which ads work best? What campaigns and keywords should we lean into? Allowing to prove value and make the right decisions.

Benefits of HubSpot Ads

1) Report on real advertising ROI with complete precision.

HubSpot Ads reveals the exact dollar amount, conversions and ROI your ads deliver – automatically. When you sync HubSpot Ads with the HubSpot CRM, HubSpot’s Deals ROI setting calculates exactly how much money you’re making from your ads, eliminating guesswork. You’ll know exactly how your paid advertising contributes to the bottom line so you can stop struggling to justify your ad spend.

2) Cross network reporting power

HubSpot Ads reports on all your social and search ads. It combines ads data with your marketing data, showing you different ad network results on one dashboard inside of HubSpot. This allows you to report on all results from one spot and shows you which ads network, Facebook, AdWords or LinkedIn, works best for your business.

3) Create and optimize ad campaigns right inside HubSpot.

Build conversion-optimized ad campaigns with complete confidence – without ever leaving HubSpot. Create and manage Google AdWords campaigns, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Sponsored Content all inside the familiar interface of HubSpot. Built-in tips and best practices make it easy for you to create optimized ads that generate leads and ROI from the start.You’ll save time when you can manage all your online ads in the same place you manage the rest of your marketing campaigns.See below for more information you can use to sell HubSpot ads.
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    • Over 53% of HubSpot customers use ads to get more from their inbound marketing campaigns. (HubSpot Internal Data 2015)
    • Customers using the HubSpot Ads Add-On beat industry average in terms of overall campaign performance.
    • AdWords: 2.58% Click to lead Conversion Rate (average)
    • LinkedIn: 6.1% Click to lead Conversion Rate (average)
  • Ads as part of the Growth Stack

    Part of what makes the Growth Stack such a strong solution is the sharing and leveraging of data from different systems. The Growth Stack gets stronger the more you add to it.

    • HubSpot Ads integrations ads data, connects it to the marketing database and augments it with deal data from your CRM.
    • This trifecta is only available with the HubSpot Growth Stack and the only way to the real ROI of your client's ads.

    Using Ads data for list segmentation and workflows

    Anytime a lead comes into HubSpot through ads, HubSpot automatically add an ads event to the contacts timeline. Automatically - no tracking template or customer URLs needed. This allows you to segment by ad types, campaigns or keywords to build email lists or workflows and further nurture or send to sales leads generated by ads.

    Our Networks

    • Facebook- Not only do we pull in all your Facebook Ads for ROI reporting, we also automatically import your Lead Ad leads from Facebook into HubSpot. Appended with ad event data on leads timelines.
    • AdWords - Our tool simplifies the whole AdWords experience. Don't bother with custom reports or tracking codes in AdWords, just use the Ads Add-On to quickly assess and edit your client's campaigns.
    • LinkedIn - Only recently did LinkedIn start offering conversion tracking and even now it requires copy and pasting code and leaves something to be desired. HubSpot tracks conversions and ROI for you automatically as long as you build you LinkedIn ads in our tool.
  • Over half of HubSpot customers were using ads to help get more out of their inbound content. These customers knew sometimes ads worked and sometimes they didn't but the experience was kind of like buying a lottery ticket.

    HubSpot Ads sheds light on your client's ad spend and provides you insight into exactly which ads drive leads and how valuable they are. Helping you make every one of your client's ad campaigns' ROI positive.

  • Does your client already use ads?

    • If the answer is yes, then you should start asking questions. If they are using LinkedIn, Facebook or AdWords and spend more than a few hundred dollars a month on paid media, they are a good fit.

    Things you might hear

    • We've tried ads before but it wasn't worth it
    • We use ads now and have a healthy budget
    • Sometimes we use paid media
    • Adwords, Search Ads, Googles Ads, GDN, Display, Doubleclick
    • LinkedIn Ads, Sponsored Content, Native Ads, ABM
    • Facebook Ads, Lead Ads, Sponsored posts, remarking pixel, Lookalike audience,
  •  Cross/Upsell to Ads from another tool

    • Heavy social users who are trying to increase the impact of their social efforts should try ads.
    • Inbound marketers looking to drive more leads from their content should try ads.  
  • Your client...

    • Wants to rank on keywords fast
      • It can take content a while to rank on critical keywords, search ads help clients see results fast.
    • Wants to get data before running a campaign
      • Search ads can help gather valuable keyword data before a campaign.
    • Wants to get more our of their ad spend 
      • Use the Ads tool to better understand your clients' spend and optimize with ROI data.
    • Wants to justify their ad spend to their boss 
    • Wants to know which ads are driving leads 
    • Wants to know which networks are driving leads 
    • Wants to drive more leads from inbound 
    • Wants to gather data before making big campaign decisions
    • Do you know how much money your ads generate for your business? 
    • How do you decide on your ads budget? Does that process ever get questioned?
    • Do you know the actual customers that ads create? 
    • How much are you paying your ads consultant? 
  • Feel free to use the demo above as a guide to create your own HubSpot Ads demo.


Partner Projects to get you started with HubSpot Ads

Projects is our in-app productivity tool designed to help you plan your own campaigns. Projects was designed to help your team meet deadlines, achieve goals and learn new skills. Unlike other productivity tools, Projects comes with pre-populated marketing Templates, built by HubSpot experts, including these Partner HubSpot Ads focused templates you can use to build your own paid strategy or easily leverage to start using HubSpot Ads with your clients. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 3.24.40 PM.png
Generating Leads with Paid Media and the HubSpot Ads Tool

This project will walk you through using HubSpot Ads to generate more leads from your client's existing inbound campaigns.

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Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 3.29.34 PM.png
Launch a Google AdWords Campaign

This project will walk you through how to create a Google Adwords PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign.

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Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 3.53.33 PM.png
Building and Marketing Paid Strategy Services Using Your Agency's HubSpot

This project will help you complete a conversion path within your self-purchased HubSpot Portal for your first strategy service offering.

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See our Gold Agency Partner, Campaign Creators demo the Facebook Ads, HubSpot Integration and read their blog post to learn  how to integrate accounts, manage ad campaigns and start reporting Facebook ad ROI back to your clients.

According to Campaign Creators, connecting your marketing automation software to your PPC ads has never been easier - and at HubSpot, that's what we love to hear!!


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