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Introducing the App Accelerator

Are you interested in building apps that solve HubSpot's known customer demand gaps? Are you an innovator who wants to invest in HubSpot's ecosystem? Check out the App Accelerator!

HubSpot's App Accelerator

Why it's important?

Even with HubSpot's ongoing product launches, we will never solve all of our diverse customers' needs with built-in functionality. We have areas of innovation opportunity to share with partners who are ready to build apps to spin our shared customers' flywheels. 

How will it work?

We will share insight into our whitespace, focusing on areas of opportunity in which HubSpot doesn't intend to invest. Partners will submit a concept statement for an app & HubSpot will select the apps with the most potential to see success to participate in the program. Development begins with hands-on support from HubSpot's developer relations team & partners will have about 10-12 weeks to produce an app for the App Marketplace. Apps will be showcased at Demo Day as marketing and amplification efforts begin.

Why should you participate?

App Accelerator partners are privy to more granular access into our roadmap, 1:1 developer support, marketing and enablement opportunities for their app(s), access to product managers and other key decision-makers at HubSpot, go-to-market assistance, early access to certifying your app, and more.  You can also find additional frequently asked questions about the program at the bottom of this page.

"Being a part of HubSpot's App Accelerator was an inflection point for our company. The access to upcoming features, the guidance from the internal leadership, and the incredible experience of getting live feedback from Dharmesh was unreal. If you build for HubSpot, apply for the Accelerator. The process alone is worth it, let alone what you'll be empowered to build!"

Dax Miller, Head of Growth @ AppChemist and participant in the beta launch of App Accelerator.

Please Submit the Form Below to be Considered for the App Accelerator

Will I be compensated for participating in the App Accelerator?
Potentially. Compensation plans vary with the App Accelerator

How does HubSpot identify the areas of opportunity?
We work closely with our product team to identify customer demand gaps where we don't intend to build a built-in feature, where good API extensibility exists, and where there is solid market fit/need. 

How long do I have to produce the app?
Approximately 10-12 weeks.

Does HubSpot guarantee a certain number of installs for my app or a specific success metric?
No. Similar to submitting an app to our marketplace outside of the accelerator program, we do not make any guarantees that your app will see success. 

Are there any events to showcase my app?
Yes. We will host a Demo Day when all of the new apps are live in the marketplace. This will be an opportunity to showcase the app and gather feedback from influential HubSpotters. 

How often does the Accelerator run?

Will HubSpot guarantee they will not build a built-in feature competitive in nature to my app?
While we will make every effort to vet your concept through the right decision-makers at HubSpot, we cannot make any promises that we won't ship something similar at any given time. 

What are the terms and conditions for participating in the App Accelerator?
Here are our full terms and conditions.