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HubSpot App Partner Program Policies

Looking to join the HubSpot App Partner program? Below is an overview of our application processes and their respective requirements and policies.

Listed Integration Application Process

To express your interest in joining the HubSpot App partner program and to create your listing on our directory these minimum requirements and policies apply:

  1. Your app, integration or extension must be built or owned by you/your company. Applications for integrations or extension which leverage 3rd party connectors will not be accepted into the program.
  2. You must offer email/ticketed/phone support for your app, integration, or extension, and provide supporting documentation (via a publicly accessible URL).
  3. Your app, integration or extension must have a minimum of 3 active installs from HubSpot customers.
  4. Your app, integration, or extension must not not fit within one of our excluded categories.
  5. You must provide links to Terms of Service, Privacy Policies, and GDPR compliance statements for your app, integration, or extension.
  6. You must sign and agree to our Platform Policy and App Partner Program Agreement and complete a signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
  7. You must provide us with the production App ID and OAuth 2.0 authorization URL for your integration or extension.
  8. You must provide us with, and grant us relevant rights to, any information we may require to list your app, integration, or extension in our directory.

Certification Application Process

To qualify for technical review, which must be completed successfully prior to becoming a Certified partner, these minimum requirements and policies apply:
  1. To activate the Certification process, your app or integration must have at least 60 unique active installs. Active installs are the number of unique HubSpot production accounts, unaffiliated with your organization, showing successful app activity within the past 30 days.
  2. A video demo of the integration or extension must be provided for review by our product team highlighting install, setup, usage, and uninstall user journeys.
  3. You must action any product quality feedback and make any necessary changes to the integration or extension in a timely manner, prior to certification.
  4. You must agree to, and successfully complete, an annual technical review process to retain “Certified” status.
  5. You must submit the required assets for Sales and Services enablement teams, to help our team resolve and reroute support queries about your app, integration, or extension.

For All Participants

Additionally, "inbound" is a method of attracting, engaging, and delighting people to grow a business that provides value and builds trust. This methodology extends to our Platform Partners, and as a partner, your interactions with the various teams that work at HubSpot should mirror this methodology. Unsolicited outreach - whether 1:1 or “broadcast” - to HubSpot teams and team members to promote your products or services, could result in the removal of your company from the Platform Partner Program. Our Platform Partner Success team is always available to help your business navigate the HubSpot ecosystem.

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For more details on the HubSpot App Partner Program, please see the HubSpot App Partner Program Agreement for the terms and conditions that apply to participation in the App Program.