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Solutions Partner Program

Solutions Provider Package

Love HubSpot and think your clients will love it too? Become a solutions provider and earn commission when you offer HubSpot software to your clients.

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Why Become a Solutions Provider?

Sign up to become a solutions provider if you’re interested in one or more of the following:

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    You want to add new revenue streams by offering HubSpot to your clients and earn a commission for what you sell.

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    You want to start small with a low-cost partnership with HubSpot and become a full solutions partner when you’re ready.

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    You already use simple yet powerful HubSpot tools to build solutions for your clients and your own business.

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    You want to show the world you mean business by being recognized as a partner of a trusted growth platform.

Who is a Good Fit?

Whether you’re an agency or a service provider, businesses that offer CRM implementation, marketing, web development, sales, or systems integrations services are a great fit for the Solutions Partner Program.

How to Become a Solutions Provider?

Sign up right here! All you’ll need is any starter version of HubSpot software or above. So it’s a low-cost way to see what a HubSpot partnership can do for your business.

Starting from /month*

Billed monthly

* Minimum cost of participation is a starter level subscription. Our starter software subscription starts at .

What You’ll Get

  • 20% commission for the first year.
  • A solutions provider badge for your listing in the Solutions Directory, where 78K+ HubSpot customers shop for services like yours.
  • Access dedicated content in the HubSpot Academy and bootcamp-style workshops to help you price and package your services.
  • A library of enablement resources.
  • Access to a global community of solutions providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t start a new relationship without asking a few questions. Here are some common questions that come up before joining the Solutions Partner Program.

  • A solutions provider must have any Starter, Professional, or Enterprise level of HubSpot software. Starter levels of Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub currently list for $50/month, so that is the current starting cost to become a solutions provider.  

    A solutions partner must have the Professional or Enterprise level of one or more HubSpot software products. Because CMS is currently $300/month, that is the lowest current starting cost to become a solutions partner. Partner Onboarding (which starts at $3,000) is also required for all solutions partners. 

    For a complete list of products and prices, visit our pricing page.

  • Anyone who buys HubSpot CMS, Professional, or Enterprise level software at HubSpot must complete required onboarding. When you become a solutions partner, you will be able to waive that fee for all of your clients that purchase HubSpot software and receive services from you.

  • Every company and business is different but generally, our partners ramp up quickly with our streamlined onboarding process. On average, we see partners ready to implement HubSpot and deliver services for their clients in two to three months.


    If you’re looking for the Marketing Agency or Sales Partner Program, you’re in the right place. The Solutions Partner Program is for anyone who may have been interested in the Marketing Agency or Sales Partner Program, and it now has the added benefit of being more inclusive of different types of service offerings such as CRM implementation, customer service, IT, and web development. Much like the previous Marketing Agency and Sales Partner Programs, it’s also available at a range of price points, making it accessible for businesses of any size or budget. Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 1.38.37 PM



What Partners Have to Say

  • The Hubspot partner community is unique in that it provides exemplary support and education for every member of our team, both from the Hubspot team and from fellow partners. In addition, the technology has enabled us to provide stellar service to our clients and to keep them growing and successful.

    Cindy Penchina


    Hudson Fusion LLC

  • The HubSpot Partner Program has been invaluable to Blend's growth. It's helped us be measurable, scalable, transparent, and valuable when we deliver work and projects for our clients.

    Phil Vallender

    Director and Cofounder


  • Our partnership with HubSpot has allowed us to expand our offerings to truly partner with our clients as opposed to being just another vendor. The tools from HubSpot allow visibility into the profitability of our campaigns, which increased our client satisfaction.

    Mattan Danino

    Founder & CEO at WEBITMD

    Mount Arbor

  • One of the main things we really liked since the beginning was the materials and support that HubSpot provides. HubSpot gives its partners tons of courses to help them provide their best services.




HubSpot's Solutions Partner Program

The Solutions Partner Program combines HubSpot's powerful software platform with dedicated expert support to enable you to create growth solutions that your clients will love.