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HubSpot's Partner Advisory Council

Share your feedback and help shape the future of HubSpot's Partner program
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Congratulations to our 2024 PAC members!

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What is the Partner Advisory Council?

Established in 2017, the Partner Advisory Council (PAC) is a global forum that ultimately helps shape the HubSpot Solutions Partner Program. Over the past few years, PAC participants (also know as "members") have influenced major changes to HubSpot's partner program, from updates to the Solutions Directory to changes in tiers and benefits.

The PAC is divided into several regional groups: Australia and New Zealand (ANZ); Asia – inclusive of East, South, and Southeast Asia; Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA); Latin America (LATAM); and North America (NAM). 

These regional groups regularly hold virtual, 90-minute meetings to discuss topics ranging from potential program changes to our go-to-market strategy for initiatives within the partner program. In addition, PAC members may be invited to participate in other feedback initiatives, including product and program research.

It's a core HubSpot tenet to elevate diverse voices, and this same philosophy extends to the Partner Advisory Council. We are looking for partners who can bring diverse perspectives to the PAC and represent the increasing diversity of our partner community and customer base.

What is the role of a PAC member?

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Provide valuable guidance on the needs of the partner community


Work with HubSpot to help solve complex problems


Represent not only their own organization but also their geographic region and/or type of partner company

Who should apply?

PAC members are individuals who feel passionately about the future of the HubSpot Solutions Partner Program and currently serve as a leader within a HubSpot partner organization.

Each partner in the PAC can only have one representative from their company participate even if their company has offices in multiple regions.

If your company has offices in multiple regions, select the region in the application that reflects the majority of your customers or most important customers in 2024. The PAC applicant must be someone who resides in that selected region.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Is employed at a gold, platinum, diamond, or elite-tiered HubSpot solutions partner organization;
  • Brings a diverse perspective and represents the increasing diversity of our partners and customer base;
  • Is comfortable sharing candid feedback or business context in a variety of formats;
  • Maintains a good standing within our partner program, in continuing to abide by the HubSpot Solutions Partner Program Agreement;
  • Has a voice within the partner community and helps amplify the perspectives of other partners; and
  • If selected, is committed to attending all scheduled PAC meetings.

Applying to the PAC

Applications for the 2024 PAC cohort are now closed. This page will be updated in early May with application decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Applications are now closed. Check back in early 2025 to learn how to apply for next year's PAC cohort.

  • When the 2024 PAC cohort is finalized,  this page will be updated with PAC member names. PAC members can share this news on their own channels and with their own communities.
  • During the PAC meetings, members will have the opportunity to give feedback on several, strategic projects that will help shape the future of the partner program. 
  • In addition to the regular PAC meetings, members will have the opportunity to engage in other forms of feedback throughout the year. Examples of other feedback mechanisms include individual interviews, surveys, and product testing. 

An applicant should be a leader within their company (not necessarily the owner) and understand their company's partnership with HubSpot. We ask that each company submit only one application for consideration even if it has offices in multiple regions. 

If this is the case, select the region in the application that reflects the majority of your company’s customers or most important customers in 2024. The PAC applicant must be someone who resides in that selected region.

Please check with your assigned Partner Development Manager (PDM) to see if someone else in your company has already applied for the 2024 PAC. 

Regional PAC groups will hold three virtual, 90-minute meetings throughout the PAC calendar year. It's expected that each PAC member attends all meetings and completes any necessary prep work. There may also be additional feedback opportunities throughout the year in which PAC members can participate.

Once applications close, a group of HubSpotters will independently review applications for each region. Each year, we aim to build an inclusive PAC cohort that is representative of the diversity of our partner community. Our team carefully takes into consideration several factors, including diversity of thought and experience within the partner program.

Yes, 2023 PAC members need to reapply if they would like to potentially participate in the 2024 PAC. Please note that application acceptance is not guaranteed for any previous PAC member, as we look to bring new voices into the conversation each year.

No, elite-tiered partners are not automatically accepted into the PAC. As we continue to grow our partner community, it's important that we actively include diverse perspectives and have representation from all tier levels.

All PAC applications will be considered for the PAC itself and other feedback opportunities as they become available throughout the year. If your application matches the criteria for a given feedback opportunity, you may be invited to participate.

For example, previous applicants who were not selected for the PAC still participated in surveys and interviews for program benefits, as well as product research for the Solutions Directory. Additionally, all partners, regardless of whether or not they apply to the PAC, are invited to take Partner Pulse – our biannual survey to collect program and HubSpot software feedback.

Finally, we encourage you to apply for next year’s PAC if you're not selected this year.