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“Culture happens. So why not create a culture people love?” - The Culture Code

It's a great question. So, let's talk about it. Culture Happens is a podcast about company culture and how to build happy, inclusive workplaces. Each episode features HubSpot employees and leaders who are passionate about diversity, employee growth, and more.


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Inside the Episodes

Your most pressing workplace topics, discussed. 

Building a Sustainability Strategy Rooted in Company Culture

Culture Happens Sustainability - HeadshotsSustainability is a rapidly evolving space. In fact, a recent PwC survey found that 91% of business leaders believe their company has a responsibility to act on sustainability issues. But how can companies embed sustainability into their larger business strategy and culture? In this episode, Erica Christensen, Senior Director, Sustainability and ESG at Citrix, and HubSpotter Cameron Bruns Ewing discuss the link between sustainability and culture and how aligning the two is critical to success.
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The Effect of Communication on Productivity: How to Get Stuff Done

The pandemic challenged us to rethink how we work, specifically how we communicate. With a surplus of messages across a variety of tools, it can feel impossible to be productive. Hear from two HubSpotters on how they leverage their communication strategies to maximize their productivity in a hybrid world.

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Reimagining Remote Onboarding for the Future of Work

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Remote onboarding has shifted dramatically due to COVID-19. Now, companies are thinking about the future and how to create efficient, scalable, and impactful new hire experiences 100% virtually. In this episode, Becca Stamp and Jill Noonan on HubSpot’s Learning and Development team chat with Erica Jensen, who joined the company remotely in 2020, to talk about how HubSpot’s onboarding changed in the blink of an eye, and what the future holds.

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How Modern Health is Destigmatizing Mental Health and Well-Being at Work

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There’s no doubt that human resilience continues to be tested. Now more than ever, employers need to build a culture where using mental health resources are not only encouraged, but normalized. In this internal HubTalk turned Culture Happens episode, Winston Tuggle, HubSpot’s Director of HR Business Partnerships, chats with Alyson Watson, the CEO of Modern Health, about how their digital platform is enabling people to proactively find support wherever they are in their mental health journey.

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The Good, The Bad, and The Human of Being a First Time Manager

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Being promoted to your first people manager position is incredibly exciting, but it can also be incredibly daunting. In this episode, HubSpotters Luke Shepherd and Nick Hadjipourou have a candid conversation about the honest truth of transitioning from individual contributor to people manager. Whether you’re aspiring to become a first-time manager or in your first leadership role, Luke and Nick share advice and lessons that are applicable for both - from how to tackle imposter syndrome, to the art of finding your leadership style, and accepting that you’re simply not going to have all the answers. 

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Making Remote Work Last in 2021 and Beyond

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In 2020, remote work went from a perk to a necessity. In 2021, how will employers adapt to make remote work sustainable for not just the new normal, but the next normal? Eimear Marrinan, HubSpot’s Director of Culture, is joined by Laurel Farrer, an international remote work expert, to discuss what culture, communication and engagement looks like in a successful remote work environment. 

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Let's Talk About Microaggressions

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A steady diet of microaggressions makes it impossible to have an inclusive company culture. Yet, in order to make a change, we must acknowledge that there is a problem. And, that’s a challenge when microaggressions come from a place of unconscious bias. In this episode, Renee Reid, a UX design researcher and activist, joins HubSpot employees Gabby and Akia to talk about navigating microaggressions (specifically in a virtual world), and how to be an upstander even when it’s hard. 

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Building Better Workplaces to Support Women Returning to Work

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One contributor to the gender wage gap is that women often leave the workforce to have children or care for other family members. In fact, 43% of highly qualified women will leave their careers for a period of time, and only 74% will rejoin the workforce (2004 study by the Center for Work-Life Policy). Returning to work is easier said than done. Many women no longer feel relevant or valued. 

In this episode, Allison Robinson, CEO and Founder of The Mom Project (and a HubSpot customer) and Mary Rice on HubSpot’s Customer Success recruiting team discuss how women can remain active in the workforce in every stage of their journey, and how employers can best recruit, retain, and support women returning to the workforce. 

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Campus to Career: Adjusting to a Remote Internship

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Working remotely is a brand new experience for many, but especially for students. While it can be daunting to enter the working world through a screen, with some flexibility, creativity  and empathy, a remote internship can be just as rewarding as an in-office internship. 

Viennie Chanthachack, HubSpot’s Sales Campus Recruiter, Troy Cassity, an intern on HubSpot’s Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging team, and Tori Goyette, Senior Community Manager at Hack.Diversity, discuss how interns and employers can maximize every stage of the process to ensure a successful experience for all. 

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How We’re Implementing Inclusive Recruiting Practices to Build a More Diverse Team

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Over the past few years, we’ve analyzed our recruiting practices to identify which pieces of our process weren’t setting underrepresented candidates up for success, and which weren’t reflective of our commitment to inclusion. Listen in as HubSpot employees Colleen Grant, Campus Recruiting Manager, Jared Williams, VP of Engineering, and Zoe Sobin, Engineering Lead discuss how using a data-driven approach has helped us identify gaps in our recruitment, hiring, and retention practices, and find creative solutions for building a more diverse product and engineering team.

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How To Start An Effective Employee Resource Group 


Employee Resource Groups are a critical piece of an organization's diversity and inclusion strategy. But, how do you actually create these ERG’s? Melissa Obleada, founder of the LGBTQ+ and People of Color at HubSpot ERG’s digs into the impact these groups have in the workplace, and how to begin forming one within your own organization.

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Mentorship vs. Sponsorship: What’s the Difference and Why Do They Both Matter? 


The age-old practice of mentoring is being influenced by new forms of work, technology, and learning. In this episode, Lisa Fain of the Center for Mentoring Excellence joins HubSpot Director of Product Growth Chris Miller to discuss the difference between mentorship and sponsorship, the importance of having a relationship with someone who is different than you, tips for mentoring virtually, and more. 

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Supporting Employees in Times of Crisis


Delivering a fulfilling employee experience is about more than a title or paycheck. It's about creating a truly inclusive workplace in which all employees feel welcome, motivated, and empowered to bring their whole selves to work. As part of the Adapt 2020 Education Series, Katie Burke, sat down with Khalil Smith, VP of Consulting at the NeuroLeadership Institute and Diane Marinovich, Director of Talent at Loom to discuss how to care for employees and create space for tough conversations at work.

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The Power of Allyship is Real


Allyship is a verb, not a noun. Listen as three passionate HubSpotters discuss the definition of allyship and the impact it has on inclusive workplaces. Like Rome, allyship isn’t built in a day, but there are actions we can all take to start making progress now.

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The Secret Ingredient of High-Performing Teams

psychsafetyPeople do their best work when they feel valued, heard, and included. That’s why psychological safety is such an important ingredient in building teams. But what exactly is psych safety? How do you know if your team has it? What are ways you can create it? Tune in for a conversation about those questions and more.

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Mental Health: Let’s Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Mental Health1 in 5 Americans live with a mental health condition. So, why is something so common still considered a workplace taboo? Tune in to an open and honest conversation around the power of vulnerability and learn how we can bring mental health out of the shadows, and into daily conversation.

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Is The Term ‘Working Parent’ an Oxymoron?  

ParentsFor many people, growing your career and growing your family often feel at odds. But do they really have to be? Hear from two proud working parents on how employers can create a culture of flexibility and how moms and dads can make the impossible, possible.

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The Future of Remote Work is Now

Remote Work PodcastEmployers tend to think that remote workers spend their days binging Netflix’s latest murder series. Truth is, employees are actually more productive and happier when working remotely. Listen in as we discuss why remote work isn’t just a fad in the workplace and how companies can build a great remote culture.

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