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It’s never been easier to start a business, but it’s never been harder to succeed. Each episode of The Growth Show explores the inspiring stories behind how people grow a business, an idea, or a movement.
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Part One:
Reading Is a Revolutionary Act

Danielle Mullen is the owner of Semicolon Bookstore & Gallery—Chicago’s only black woman-owned bookstore. She’s worked tirelessly to build a community and improve literacy in the city. 

As the current crisis closed bookstores around the country, Danielle moved to online sales. But she wasn’t about to handover her store’s keys to the same online giant that’s put so many other independent bookstores out of business. Instead, she found a new platform.


Why the Lean Startup
Is More Essential Than Ever

Steve Blank is not a prophet. But as one of the minds behind the highly influential Lean Startup movement, when Steve starts to look at the future of how we do business, people listen.

Steve returns to explain why The Lean Startup is even more essential than ever for businesses right now as they work to not only survive the pandemic but set themselves up to thrive coming out of it.


Black Is Beautiful 

Marcus Baskerville created Black is Beautiful—a collaborative beer initiative amongst the brewing community and its customers—in an attempt to bring awareness to the injustices that many people of color face daily. 

You can now find this open source beer at 1,158 breweries, in 50 states, and 21 countries. And As someone who has personally dealt with the abuse of power by the police, this recent turmoil the country is facing has hit home for Marcu

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