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Clearbit by HubSpot

Data enrichment that puts the latest context on your contacts and companies right at your fingertips.

Identify your target market, gauge intent of your website visitors, and easily enrich contact and company data directly within HubSpot.

Say Goodbye to Incomplete Records

Enrich your contact and company records with precise, standardized data that your team needs to successfully go-to-market.

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Enrich Contact and Company Records

Say goodbye to incomplete records and stale contact information. Real-time enrichment gives you the context needed on your existing contact and company records to convert your best opportunities with the right action at the right time.

Add 100+ B2B data points on every contact or company in your target market -- including technologies installed, employee count, revenue, location, and much more.
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Optimize Forms

Extra form fields typically mean fewer qualified leads.

Get the best of both worlds by dynamically shortening your forms while still collecting the data you need to understand, score, and route your leads with speed and precision.
Build Target Markets - Select technology tags, employee range, business model, and more.

Build Target Markets

Get access to data about B2B companies all over the world.

Go beyond a simple target market list and find a comprehensive audience of every company that could buy your product with a few quick clicks.
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Reveal Intent

See what companies are visiting your website in the past hours, days, weeks, or months. Reveal buying intent and fine-tune your targeting using insights such as your ideal customer profile, who’s visited your pricing page (and how many times), and if they are already in HubSpot (or not).

Plus, filter by channel source and never miss an opportunity for a lead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Data enrichment software is used by marketing, operations, and revenue teams to enrich first-party contact and company data in their CRM. You can use data enrichment to update, correct, or even add information to contact records (contact enrichment) or company records (company enrichment).

Data enrichment software empowers users to better understand their customers and prospects, create more accurate segments and reporting, and power more precise workflows across the entire flywheel.

Clearbit uses IP intelligence software to identify the companies that visit your website. Since many qualified visitors with buying intent often browse websites without completing a form or identifying themselves, this is one of the best ways for you to understand which companies are showing buying intent. Based on how they engage with your website, you can also determine which products or solutions they may be interested in.

Clearbit has all the data you need to run your business and deeply understand your customers — that’s 100+ business data attributes to be more precise.

You can check out a full list of company and contact attributes here.

The Clearbit UI is exclusively in English. However, the data set is global. In 2023, Clearbit released and updated the data set, announcing a priority of driving greater global coverage.

This includes global coverage in any language and a 100% increase in global person data coverage (with over 250M new decision-makers added).

For more details on that announcement, you can see the release notes here.

When you sign up with Clearbit, it is priced on a per credit basis.

If you'd like to explore using Clearbit with HubSpot, you can learn more here.

You can contact sales here — we’re excited to chat with you!
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