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Automatically populate your contact records with company details from our database of over 20 million businesses, and get powerful insights your sales team will actually use.

HubSpot CRM - Company Insights
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  1. HubSpot CRM - Company Insights Populated Automatically

    Get powerful insights, populated automatically.

    Stop wasting time digging for details about your prospects.

    The HubSpot CRM automatically populates new contact, company, and deal records with details from its database of over 20 million businesses. All you need is a prospect’s corporate email address.

    You’ll spend less time hunting down information about prospects and companies, and more time selling.

  2. HubSpot CRM - all your contact details in one place

    View and filter contact details in one convenient place.

    Stop juggling multiple tools, tabs, and screens. View your contact details in the same place you make sales calls and send emails.

    Use filters to find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s logged sales calls, emails, and notes, or deal activity, lifecycle changes, and social media information.

    Having powerful insights all in one place makes it that much easier to craft a personalized follow-up.

  3. HubSpot CRM - edit and update contact details in one place

    Customize contact, company, and deal records without IT.

    You choose which information to display on your contact, company, and deal records – no IT help necessary.

    A simple drag and drop interface makes it easy to create records that surface only the insights your sales team needs to do its job.

    When you don’t have to dig for the important details, that’s time added back to your day.

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Pipeline Management

Add deals to your CRM with a single click, assign tasks to push deals forward, and track progress in your dashboards.

Contact Management

Add company and contact records with a click, log sales activities automatically, and easily keep records up to date.

Lead Management

Complete your sales activities, see detailed contact and company records, and view communication history in one place.

Company Insights

Get insights your sales team will actually use by automatically pulling company details from our database of over 20 million businesses.

Email Tracking

Know the second a lead opens an email, clicks a link, or downloads an attachment — then send a perfectly timed follow-up.

Email Templates

Turn your most effective and repetitive sales emails into templates you can access inside your inbox and share with your team.

CRM + Sales

Add our full suite of sales productivity tools that sync up with your inbox to make every part of selling easier.

CRM + Marketing

Connect HubSpot CRM Free and the Marketing Hub to keep your sales and marketing teams, contacts, and data in one place.

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