Close the Loop Between Marketing and Sales

Connect the HubSpot Marketing software with HubSpot CRM to share contacts, track deals, and get deeper insight into every customer’s journey.

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Connect your teams.
Multiply your revenue.

Get all the tools you need to align your teams, understand your customers, and close deals more quickly.

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Give Sales and Marketing a better way to work together.

  1. hubspot-crm-lead-rotation

    Share and assign contacts automatically without losing any insight.

    HubSpot Marketing and CRM share an always-in-sync contact database, so marketing can pass on leads without any manual entry.

    Sales reps get instant insight into the content a lead has consumed, where they are in their journey, and how they last interacted with your brand.

    You can automate lead rotation to evenly distribute leads round-robin style, or use rules to distribute leads based on location, industry, deal size, or any other form field you want.

  2. hubspot-crm-task-assignments

    Manage every deal, pipeline, and dashboard in one place.

    Once a lead is in your funnel, you’ll never lose sight of them again.

    Add deals with a click, assign tasks to push those deals forward, and track progress in your dashboards. Save even more time by auto-creating deal records when a prospect signs up for a free trial or fills out a form.

    Never miss a chance to follow up by auto-creating tasks and to-dos whenever a prospect visits your pricing page, a deal changes stages, or a certain amount of time has passed.

    Closing deals is easy when marketing and sales are always on the same page.

  3. hubspot-crm-revenue-dashboard

    Align sales and marketing with clear, simple reporting.

    Share what’s working, eliminate ambiguity, and get everyone working toward the same goals with dashboards and reports relevant to both marketing and sales.

    Get your reports up and running immediately by selecting from the same marketing and sales report templates we use at HubSpot.

    Or, create custom reports using almost any metric in your HubSpot database.

Powerful Integrations That Set Up in Seconds

No more clumsy connections or crossed fingers – HubSpot Marketing and HubSpot CRM connect flawlessly from day one.

Plus, HubSpot works seamlessly with Gmail, G Suite, Outlook or Office 365 for Windows, and your favorite business apps.

HubSpot’s sales, marketing, customer service, and CRM tools are powerful alone — but they’re even better together.

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    Focus on generating leads, increasing revenue, and exceeding your customers’ expectations, all with one stack of tools.

    Say goodbye to scattered solutions, and unite all your teams around a single suite of software that integrates everyone's tools, data, and processes.

    You’ll eliminate wasted time and effort so you can easily increase traffic, convert more leads, win more customers, and turn them into promoters that grow your business.

  • The HubSpot Growth Platform includes
    • Free HubSpot CRM

      Everything you need to organize, track, and nurture your relationships with leads and customers. Yes, it's 100% free. Forever.

    • Marketing Hub

      Grow traffic and convert more visitors with tools like landing pages, automation, analytics, and so much more.

    • Sales Hub

      Time-saving tools that help you get deeper insights into your prospects, automate the tasks you hate, and close more deals.

    • Service Hub

      Customer service tools to help you connect with customers, exceed their expectations, and turn them into promoters that grow your business.

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More power. Less hassle.

Aligning sales and marketing is simple with HubSpot’s Growth Stack. Totally integrated and pain-free to use.

Free versions of every HubSpot product. Start now and upgrade as you grow.