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Dublin, Ireland | Sept 21st


Come Meet World Class Marketers in Dublin!

Is revenue growth a top priority for your company? Are you confident that your strategy is strong enough to deliver that growth? Join us at HubSpot Dublin where you will learn how to use inbound marketing to increase your business' market share from industry experts, and make this a year of remarkable growth.


Creating content that converts can be intimidating. Consider this our promise to provide bucket-loads of inbound marketing inspiration, so you'll leave brimming with excitement to get started.


No amount of inspiration can make up for a lack of strategy. We'll show you how to build out your inbound marketing strategy to ensure you hit meaningful goals that have a real impact on your business.

Actionable Insights
Actionable Advice

Leave with actionable takeaways that you can implement when you get back to the office. We're not going to tell you to move mountains straight away, but we'll teach you the small steps it takes to get there.


Meet people in similar roles who will act as your sounding board for years to come. Inbound marketing is easier when you share your successes and challenges with peers, so use this opportunity to network!


See the sessions below that will expand your inbound marketing expertise...

  • Sign in and grab some awesome HubSpot Swag!
  • Why are we all here today? What will we discuss? More importantly, what will we take away with us when we go back to the office? How has marketing changed over the last decade? We'll examine that closely and juxtapose traditional marketing strategies against the inbound methodology that has been a part of so many remarkable growth stories.
  • How to Map your Buyer Personas:
    In this session you will learn how to create your buyer personas and map out content along the buyer’s journey. We will give you some practical examples and set up you for your first step into the inbound world.
  • A chance to grab a refreshment before we get deeper into the Inbound Marketing Journey.
  • How to Build The Perfect Funnel:

    As marketers we spend a lot of time trying to drive more traffic to our website and even more time trying to increase conversation. We obsess over every funnel metric we can measure and use every trick in the book to help move our prospects down the funnel. This approach has turned our attention away from the needs of the prospect and focuses more on the results we are trying to achieve. Join this session and learn how to build a personalised prospect focused experience that builds trust with your audience, drives better metrics across the board and ultimately more revenue for your business.

  • The HubSpot Lead Generation Playbook:

    What does it look like to implement a campaign using HubSpot’s Marketing Automation tools? This practical session will show you how our customers run an end to end campaign using HubSpot; identifying buyer personas, creating and distributing relevant content, nurturing prospects and finally optimising the funnel. At the end of the session you’ll also have an opportunity to ask any questions you have about our tools/methodology.

  • After all this, stay behind to network, talk marketing and make new friends. 


Featuring industry experts! Learn inbound marketing from the HubSpot EMEA marketing team, with sessions to guide you through the entire funnel.

Éadaoin Murphy

Snr. Manager, Partner Marketing & Events at HubSpot

Emma Jessica Knox

Manager, Demand Generation at HubSpot

Brian Gallagher

Sales Engineer at HubSpot


HubSpot EMEA HQ | One Dockland Central | Guild Street | Dublin.