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[EXPOSED] Life in Sales

HubSpot pulls back the curtain on what it's really like to work in sales

  • 1/3

    of salespeople say they have no work life balance at all

  • 68%

    of salespeople describe their lifestyle as challenging

  • 1/2

    of salespeople's friends and family have told them they work too much

  • 1/3

    of salespeople say their job negatively impacts their personal life

Working in today’s digital sales environment is a set-up for distraction and adds a minimum of 1-2 hours of extra hours/day. To escape this time-suck, sellers need to minimize distractions (e.g, eliminate notifications) and block their work day into specific tasks.
  • 28%

    of Sales Directors and VPs work more than 60 hours per week

  • 72%

    of Sales Directors/VPs work in their evenings & weekends

  • 54%

    of salespeople check email as soon as they wake up

  • 1/2

    of salespeople check email before bed every night

You don't need to work 80 hour work weeks to be a successful sales professional, but you do have to maximize your time, which >50% of sales professionals struggle with. They then complain that they don't have enough "work/life balance".
  • 1/2

    of salespeople admit they need to improve their work life balance

  • 72%

    of salespeople say they would like more time off

  • 83%

    of salespeople want to spend more quality time with family

  • 1/2

    of sales reps would like to travel if they had more time

Sales is about the transfer of enthusiasm. If you don’t believe in what you do then you won’t be successful or care about your job enough to put in the effort to be successful. If you love what you do then the work/life balance is irrelevant.

There is Another Way

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Survey Methodology: HubSpot surveyed 503 salespeople in June 2017 through a Google survey. The survey included a screening question to include only sales professionals, individual contributors, Managers, Directors and VPs.