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Create an inbound sales process and increase rep productivity

What is HubSpot Sales Training?

Transform your sales process to match the way modern buyers shop.


Five 30 minute classes and a 60 question exam to get certified.


Learn the 4 essential steps to building an inbound sales process.

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Taught by 6 sales leaders who grew HubSpot from $0-$100M.

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What You'll Learn

Prioritize the right buyers

Learn how the most successful salespeople prioritize their prospects by the clues they leave behind. We show you how to identify buyer behaviour patterns and how to leverage them to ensure your time is spent talking to the right people.

Understand your prospects' real challenges

The key to selling is understanding your prospects' real goals and challenges and offering a valuable solution. We'll teach you how to gather this information by arming you with the right questions to ask your prospects.

Make an impression on the first call

How do you make sure your first connect call isn’t rejected. The best salespeople make their first connect call all about the prospect's needs. They offer great advice in a consultative manner instead of trying to make a sale. Learn how to make your first connect call a memorable one.

Write emails that convert

Your prospect is continually bombarded by emails that offer them no value. Don’t get added to the pile of email they’ll delete. Instead, create emails that actually get opened, drive sales calls, and schedule meetings. We show you how to create follow-up emails that convert into opportunities.

Create a compelling sales conversation

Today's buyer doesn’t like being sold to. We'll teach you how to become a trusted advisor to your prospect by showing you techniques like effective questioning and storytelling to gently manage and close a deal.

Make every sales rep you hire more successful

You can use this course as onboarding training for all your new sales hires. Through this course they can learn to identify the best fit leads, build rapport from the first interaction, structure initial conversations with the prospect, and turn their pipeline into actual revenue.

Meet the Instructors


Mark Roberge

Chief Revenue Officer at HubSpot and Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School.


Jill Fratianne

Selling at HubSpot for 6+ years, currently a Channel Account Manager for the Agency Partner team. Small business owner of wedding venue & has 2M+ YouTube views of her Great Danes.


Dan Tyre

Employee #6 at HubSpot, 30 year business career including 5 start-ups & big believer in getting sh*t done with breakfast sandwiches.


Michael Pici

Head of Sales for HubSpot’s Sales Products and a ridiculously great barber who once gave a haircut to a HubSpotter at HQ.


Andrew Quinn

VP of Learning and Development at HubSpot, 30 year sales career and has sold everything from yellow pages to digital media.


Pete Caputa

VP of a 130 person sales team at HubSpot, once bet his team that he’d shave his head if they hit quota and they did.

Learn from the HubSpot Sales Leaders Who Grew the Company from $0 to $100M in Revenue

The Inbound Sales Certification is a killer introductory training class for salespeople who want to transform the way they sell, to match the way modern buyers shop. You'll learn how to build a sales process for your inbound leads in less than three hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes! You’ll finish the class with the idea to better your sales process, which you can start immediately.

  • This course is designed for anyone who is new to sales or wants to adapt their sales process to the modern buyer.

  • Videos are broken into five short sessions that total about 3 hours. The open book exam is 60 questions.

  • Yes! They can be downloaded here.

  • It’s 100% free. The course has pre-recorded videos so you can watch at your own pace.

  • Go ahead, give the exam a try without studying. It will unlock in 48 hours if you fail.

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