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Free Sales Pipeline Template

Want to get started with sales pipeline management? The HubSpot free sales pipeline template is just for you.

Know The Status of Every Deal

Easily monitor the stage of each deal in your sales pipeline.

See the Probability of Every Deal

Avoid complicated calculations, our sales pipeline template automatically estimates the probability of every deal.


When a spreadsheet doesn't cut it anymore

Want to say goodbye to manual data entry in Excel? Make tedious logging, inflexible formulas and pesky Excel errors a thing of the past. HubSpot CRM automates the tasks you hate and connects with the tools you already use, so staying organized is effortless.

What Makes Pipeline Management Better In HubSpot CRM

  • Whether you have a well-established sales pipeline, or you’re starting from the beginning, HubSpot CRM makes it simple to create the optimal process. You can click, drag, and drop your way to multiple pipelines, customized deal stages, and deal records that give your team the info they need to close.

    Deals & Tasks Pipeline Management
  • Create new deals at breakneck speed so that it actually gets done. When you add new deals from a contact or company record, HubSpot CRM saves you time by populating most of the deal’s record for you. Then, drag and drop deals into the next stage when you’re ready.

    HubSpot Free CRM Pipeline Management
  • See where potential revenue is piling up by taking a look at your standard Deals Board and Custom Views. Dive into those deals and schedule follow-up emails and phone calls to move those deals forward. A detailed timeline and alerts give your team everything they need to execute on each task.

    Pipeline Management HubSpot CRM
Deals & Tasks Pipeline Management HubSpot Free CRM Pipeline Management Pipeline Management HubSpot CRM

Here's Why You'll Love HubSpot CRM


Sources Report

Identify the sources that bring in the most visits, contacts, and customers over time. Drill into each source to see the contacts and companies it is generating.

Contacts & Companies Reports [Enterprise]

Deep dive into your contacts database to discover key trends in your data over time. Break down any report by contact or company-level properties.

Page Performance

Assess key metrics on how your pages are performing in terms of views, keywords, and links. Get customized recommendations on improving SEO performance.

Events [Enterprise]

Drill deeper visitor behavior on your website by generating marketing events on links, buttons, and purchases through your site. Use events to understand your visitors behavior and trigger automation flows.

Competitors Report

The Competitors report makes it easy to monitor other companies that you compete with in your industry through real-time data on key marketing and website metrics.

Marketing Asset Analytics

Analytics in HubSpot are spread across the entire platform. See detailed reports on every marketing asset - Landing pages, emails, your blog, calls-to-action, and more.

Want More Sales Templates?

Sales Pipeline Template

Easily manage your sales pipeline with the HubSpot Sales Pipeline Template. Add, edit and monitor deal stages, calculate the probability of every deal and manage contacts all from one sheet.

Sales Forecast Template

Project the revenue of every deal in our Sales Forecast Template. Avoid complex calculations, just plug in the deal stage and the template automatically computes the probability of closing.

Sales Funnel Template

Improve your sales funnel by tracking the stage of each deal. Manage your contacts, see the rep in charge of each deal and customize your sales funnel to suit your sales process.