Inbound Success Training
Price: $2,000
Setting: Phone/Webinar
Level: All Levels

Inbound Success Training Helps New Users Learn the HubSpot Software Quickly

Inbound Success Training is intended for new customers and users who want a more personalized training experience.  An Implementation Specialist will assist with the setup and/or implementation of HubSpot software and with the creation of up to one (1) campaign utilizing the HubSpot tools and methodology.

This Training Is for You If:

  • You are a new customer or HubSpot user
  • You want one-on-one guidance via email or phone
  • You prefer a hands-on approach to learning new information with expert feedback

Walk Away With Your First Campaign Launched and a Full Understanding of the HubSpot Software

Want More Details?

Estimated completion of this training is about 60-90 days. Don't forget that as a HubSpot customer you will have full access to all of HubSpot support to help you.

You can also view the HubSpot official services description: Click Here

"We’ve not simply adopted the software, but what we’ve done is completely redeveloped our business in building out a full methodology that we both use for our sales and for our customers."
-John Hornell, CEO Brightfire