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Helping Startups Grow Together

Creating the Most Startup-Friendly Accelerator on the Planet

Creating an accelerator program that is as startup-centric as MassChallenge is no easy feat. It involves cultivating the best resources available for your founders, and investing heavily to ensure startups are taking full advantage of all the opportunities available to them.

Recognizing and capitalizing on the best resources on the market is crucial to the success of a startup. Understanding this, MassChallenge has invested heavily in their partnership with HubSpot for Startups. With the partnership, MassChallenge not only provides their startups with access to HubSpot’s marketing and sales software at 90% off, but also gains access to all the educational resources the program offers.

Standing Out from the Crowd

MassChallenge offers an accelerator program unlike any other—featuring unparalleled access to a unique set of events, resources, and speakers. To further set MassChallenge apart, they sought to develop sales and marketing training that broke beyond the typical mold of investor-pitch trainings.

Teaming with HubSpot for Startups MassChallenge now offers personalized sales and marketing training online and within their office, in addition to the wide variety of online educational resources offered by HubSpot. Access to HubSpot resources has allowed MassChallenge to distinguish themselves as a leading worldwide accelerator. Marketing Manager, Jibran Malek, explains, “what is really cool about HubSpot and the opportunity it gives our startups is that MC startups, through the software can run a startup like a startup that has millions of dollars of venture backed funding.”

He continued, "I think a lot of times, startups have trouble finding the signal within the noise with the constant networking events, collecting so many business cards, but HubSpot has allowed them to create robust email campaigns and build amazing websites that actually allow them to find the right types of clients that help them generate the right types of revenue.”

Unifying a Global Organization

Much like their startups, MassChallenge also needed a better system to run their own marketing, faced with challenges when looking for a centralized platform that scales with the organization. As a partner with HubSpot for Startups, MassChallenge is also able to purchase HubSpot with the program discount. Not only has this helped them speak the same language as their founders, but also transform their marketing strategy. 

With the help of HubSpot. MassChallenge has been able to successfully integrate all of their marketing efforts, within the same software, enabling them to execute marketing strategies globally in a quick and efficient manner. 

Malek explains: “Instead of doing stuff ad hoc on a variety of websites, HubSpot gives us a centralized platform that really helps our marketing team. We’ve also been able to do actual effective tracking, so that when someone clicks on our blog or clicks on our tweets, or any content we are putting out we can actually figure out who that person is, why they clicked on it so that we can put out better content that tailors to them.”

“What is really cool about HubSpot and the opportunity it gives our startups is that, through the software, MassChallenge startups can run a startup like [one] that has millions of dollars of venture backed funding”

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Mass Challenge, Boston

21 Drydock Ave, Boston, MA 02210,

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Mass Challenge, Boston

21 Drydock Ave

Boston, MA 02210

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