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Raise on Pipe, Grow on HubSpot

HubSpot for Startups has partnered with Pipe to provide an exclusive benefit for scaling startups. Access up to $100m in fee-free funding on Pipe for Hubspot customers, and 30% off HubSpot's CRM suite for Pipe customers.

Grow Faster. Grow Better. Grow on Your Own Terms.

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Grow Faster with Free Resources for Startups

Enjoy world-class educational resources and tailor-made training. From email marketing to building your sales process, HubSpot for Startups can give you master classes, templates, and toolkits available at your fingertips to help your startup grow faster and more efficiently. 

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Access a Complete CRM at Startup Pricing

Building a startup from the ground up is challenging enough. Your sales and marketing stack shouldn’t make it harder. That’s why we created the HubSpot for Startups program — to help you rapidly expand your business with a simple, user-friendly, and stunningly cost-effective suite of tools and resources.

Turn Recurring Revenue into Upfront Capital

Are you a startup with recurring revenue? Pipe transforms recurring revenue into up-front capital for growth without dilution or restrictive debt. HubSpot customers now get access to up to $100m in capital, fee-free, when you sign up for Pipe.

Why Pipe?

Capital is a crucial ingredient when your startup is growing. Growth funding allows you to do things like expand your team, ramp up your advertising, and scale faster. While HubSpot gives you the tools you need to grow your startup, Pipe gives you access to the capital you need to enable that growth. Pipe allows you to trade your recurring revenue streams for up-front capital, instantly. You don’t need to take on the burden of loans or give away equity in your business to grow. Pipe is growth on your terms.

Requirements Include:

  • Recurring revenue streams and $50K in ARR
  • $25k cash in an operating account
  • 3 months of runway (if unprofitable)
  • US & UK entities only

About Pipe

Pipe is a trading platform that enables companies to transform recurring revenues into up-front capital. For founders, entrepreneurs, and business leaders that means more cash flow for scaling a business without restrictive debt or dilution. (Pipe can also work happily alongside loans or equity as part of your capital stack.) Pipe is growth on your terms.

About HubSpot for Startups

Startups grow and scale better with HubSpot for Startups. With education, software at a startup-friendly price, and over 500 integrations, startups have the tools and support needed to find success. We partner with thousands of global VCs, accelerators, incubators, and entrepreneurial organizations to help you go from early-stage to the next hottest IPO. Not sure if your startup’s partner is on our list?

Check out all of our approved partners

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HubSpot uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services. HubSpot will share the information you provide to us with Pipe, and who will use your information for similar purposes.

You can unsubscribe from communications from HubSpot at any time. For more information, check out HubSpot's privacy policy. To unsubscribe from Pipe's communications, see Pipe's privacy policy.

    • This offer is currently available to Pipe customers and HubSpot for Startups customers in the US and UK only. 
    • Pipe qualifications: 
      • HSFS customers must have $50k in ARR and recurring revenue contracts and $25k cash in an operating account. If your company is not yet profitable, you’ll need to have 3 months of runway available.
    • HubSpot qualifications: 
      • Net new customers are eligible for 30% off paid plans. Free/Starter plans can upgrade to Pro and Enterprise at 30% off.
  • Please complete the form above, and you will receive a follow up email with information on how to redeem this offer for fee-free funding with Pipe.

  • Please fill out this form above and you will receive a follow up email with information about how to redeem your HubSpot discount.

  • You can use as much or as little of your trading limit as you choose. You can trade as often as you wantup to your limit—and your limit renews as you pay back the capital.