Half of all businesses fail after five years. Only a third make it to ten.
This is a podcast about the companies that nearly shuttered their doors, 
but instead ... they launched an epic turnaround.

Because who doesn’t love a good comeback story?

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Kristen Kish

Kristen Kish’s road to Season 10 of Top Chef was winding, to say the least. She tried out business school for a spell, got in way over her head as an executive chef, and ended up working for one of the best-known culinary icons in the world. And the entire time, she was struggling with her own identity.

In the last episode of The Turnaround season, we explain why appearing on Top Chef was only the second biggest turnaround in Kristen’s life.

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Market Basket

During the Summer of 2014, customers and employees of Market Basket boycotted the company, demanding that the board of trustees reinstate Arthur T. Demoulas, the beloved president and CEO of the grocery store chain.

This week, we tell the story of that protest, which is a good reminder that the people sitting around a boardroom table aren’t the only ones who own a company.

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The World's Only Curious George Store

The World’s Only Curious George Store sits in the heart of Harvard Square. It’s been there, in some form, since 1995. But behind the bright colors and the cheery facade, there’s been a fight raging to keep the store open since day one.

In today’s episode, we tell the dramatic and little-known story of literature’s most mischievous monkey.

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Nintendo is known for constantly reinventing the video game landscape. But a few years ago, they had just released their slowest-selling product of all time. Sales were so bad that the president of the company cut his salary in half. And for the first time since entering the video game market, they were operating at a loss.

In today’s episode, we look at how they got there. And how they managed to turn things around.

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Before it was banned for nearly a century, absinthe used to be one of the most popular drinks in the world. But somewhere along the way, it got a reputation for making people hallucinate and even go insane.

How did it get such a bad reputation? Why was it made illegal in countries around the world for so long? And how did an entire industry come back from such dire straits?

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Narragansett Brewing Company

Mark Hellendrung visited a local pub in his home town in Rhode Island. He was just looking for a drink, but he found himself on a journey to bring back the 125-year-old beer brand locals call ‘Gansett.

But how do you balance tradition with innovation? With the weight of an entire community (and generations more) behind him, Mark finally brought The Narragansett Beer Company back home.

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After nearly three years, The Growth Show is officially taking a break. But we’re not stopping, by any means. We’ve already begun production on our next season.

We got the inspiration for the new season from Narragansett Brewing Company. A story of a titan of industry, falling on hard times, only to rise from the (literal) ashes once more. You’ll hear how they -- and other companies that faced near extinction -- pulled off an epic company turnaround.

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Catch Up on the Archive

How do you grow a company? A movement? An idea? In these episodes from the archive, we sit down with someone who has achieved remarkable growth (or has tried to) and unpack just how they did it.

From Marketing to Mountain Biking: How to Learn Anything

We spend so much of our life in school -- with classes, teachers, tests, and papers. So when structured learning isn’t around anymore, it can be jarring. Like your training wheels just got removed.

Noah Kagan, the Chief Sumo at Sumo.com, has trained himself to keep learning new things all the time. Today on the show, he tells us how he manages to keep learning new skills, whether it’s marketing, mountain biking, or anything in between.

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From Brain Teasers to Technical Tests: How to Fix Hiring in Tech

If you’ve ever applied for a job in tech, you know just how painful it can be. Technical tests consume hours of your time, brain teasers leave you baffled, and culture fit questions juice your stress levels. On top of all this, you’re likely still trying to hold down your current position.

Jason Shen, CEO and Co-Founder of Headlight, has spent months asking around to see how companies are hiring today. His results are telling, and they’ve given him an idea of how we should be hiring instead.

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