Website Design Award Winner

Learn how Zooma helped iStone deliver an engaging, creative & informative growth-based responsive site.

The Website Design Award recognizes an agency that helped a client either create a website from scratch or redesign an existing site with exceptional results.

In 2016 Zooma teamed up with key stakeholders at iStone to create, build and launch a new istone.com. 5 months after the revamp, the inbound success story continues. Visits have increased a further 28% compared to the year before and lead-generation is up a whopping 112%.

Learn more about the underlying challenges and reasons for the project, the solution that was implemented, and the resulting impact on iStone and its business.

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  • 28%

    Increase in Website Visits

  • 112%

    Increase in Leads from Website Visits

  • 1950%

    Return on Investment from Inbound

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