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HubSpot Admin Tools

Stay in control with features built just for HubSpot account administrators.

All of the control, none of the complexity.

Your job is hard enough. We’re here to make it easier. From access management and troubleshooting to customization and testing, HubSpot’s got you covered with intuitive admin tools to help you stay in control without the headaches.

Manage users with ease.

Making sure everyone has the right level of access to your HubSpot account is a tough job. HubSpot makes it easier with default permission sets — a recommended list of permissions based on standard job roles. Easily adjust default permission sets and invite new users in a few quick clicks. 


Monitor user activity and permissions.

With HubSpot, you can easily export account activity history, including user logins, security activity, content activity, permission settings, and more. Keep up with what’s happening in your HubSpot account so you can resolve potential issues before they even arise. 


Customize your CRM platform with confidence

With custom properties, custom objects, and custom layouts, HubSpot gives you the freedom to architect your account in whatever way best aligns with your business. And with sandboxes, you can test, experiment, and iterate without impacting your current operations.

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