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Ecosystem ROI

How Aligning with HubSpot Led to a Deal Close Rate of 75%

QuotaPath's integration is the most installed commissions software on HubSpot's App Marketplace. By Partnering with HubSpot, QuotaPath has been able to win and close more deals faster, onboard customers more quickly, and build brand equity.
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Grow with HubSpot

From HubSpot Customer to App Partner

QuotaPath helps high performing, rapidly scaling sales organizations track, manage, and audit commissions. In 2018, repeat entrepreneur AJ Bruno co-founded QuotaPath around the idea that revenue teams should be able to easily action the data insights they need to perform best.  

As they were using HubSpot for their own marketing operations, QuotaPath quickly realized that HubSpot shared this same philosophy of building easy to use tools that provide powerful insights to accelerate growth. By 2020, a HubSpot integration was QuotaPath's most requested feature and, with product missions aligning, it was an easy choice to bring this partnership to life. 

Since joining HubSpot's App Marketplace, QuotaPath has demonstrated popularity with users and customers, boasting 5-star reviews across the board and over 500 installs. Through collaborative go-to-market efforts with HubSpot's teams, QuotaPath has acquired new customers and increased customer satisfaction. 

QuotaPath's product adds key functionality to the HubSpot platform -- calculating earnings and commissions of sales teams from within the HubSpot CRM. Recognizing the added value for HubSpot users, soon after QuotaPath became an app partner, HubSpot Ventures made an investment in QuotaPath, further cementing the importance of the partnership. 

QuotaPath's Business Story

Back in 2018, the co-founders of QuotaPath recognized a massive gap in compensation planning and commissions tools. Historically, this has been done either via Excel files or with tools that are extremely difficult and costly to implement. 

Having commission data live and languish in Excel is not only time consuming and error prone, but it stifles revenue growth as Account Executives can rarely access this information. Co-founders AJ Bruno and Cole Evetts knew that compensation planning and commission tracking did not have to be so difficult. 

They built QuotaPath to address the challenge head on with an intuitive tool that empowers revenue teams to see accurate data where they work. As AEs work out of their CRMs and Operations teams often report out of the CRM, QuotaPath invested in building robust integrations with leading CRMs.

The integrations enable businesses to see an output dashboard in their CRM with multiple views for the teams and individuals who are responsible for tracking commissions or for hitting a quota. 

With QuotaPath's HubSpot integration, teams can view real-time earnings and deal data directly in HubSpot via HubSpot CRM cards and dashboards. This helps keep reps motivated and saves Ops teams time by giving them the ability to forecast earnings based on pipeline. This level of transparency allows for more focus on the tasks that matter most. 

From One Intuitive Tool to Another

Technology partnerships center not just around a shared product experience, but on a shared customer journey. QuotaPath believed that HubSpot's customer journey aligned with their own philosophy. 

For example, HubSpot has a product-led growth motion where prospects can use marketing and sales tools of the product for free. This way users can experience the value before becoming a paying customer.

QuotaPath liked this approach to attracting customers, and seeing HubSpot's success contributed to their decision to adopt a freemium model as an acquisition method. 

QuotaPath created free resources such as templates to design comp plans for AE and SDR roles, also known as Compensation Hub. From there, users can sign up for a free trial to see their plan automated in QuotaPath with the goal of eventually upgrading to a paid tier. 

Both QuotaPath and HubSpot make it a priority to help businesses sell better regardless of whether a user is on a free plan or has an enterprise account. 

This synergy between HubSpot and QuotaPath's business models was the foundation for a successful partnership. 

Investment in the Integration and Partnership with HubSpot Prove Successful 

As QuotaPath saw such strong alignment between HubSpot's vision and their own, they invested more in both the integration and the partnership.

First, QuotaPath pursued app certification in HubSpot's App Marketplace. Certification means an app has undergone a more rigorous technical review by HubSpot.

This ensures a better customer experience, while providing another point of credibility with potential customers. And, with over 1,300 listings on the App Marketplace, a certification helps differentiate an app from competing apps. 

Next, QuotaPath invested in their marketplace listing to ensure it properly showcases their value. They created a stellar demo video highlighting how their integration works with HubSpot and concisely identified the pain points it solves for customers. 

This investment paid off as QuotaPath quickly attracted some of the 900,000+ monthly Marketplace views to their listing and then to their website. In January 2023, 40% of all their demo requests came from their marketplace listing. 

"We've seen an incredible influx in users and demo requests. We've also seen users switch to HubSpot from other CRMs, which has been valuable to both HubSpot and QuotaPath."

Graham Collins, Chief of Staff, QuotaPath

Additionally, to ensure they can better close leads coming from the HubSpot ecosystem, QuotaPath invested in enablement resources for their own teams and for HubSpot's sales and CS teams. In order to ensure both sides understand the integration, they created videos, ran internal trainings, and provided enablement materials for HubSpot's go-to-market teams. 

QuotaPath AEs also began inviting HubSpot AEs to collaborate on deals and saw a 75% close rate when doing so.

"When I see a lead come in from HubSpot's Marketplace, I'm always excited about it because I know it's a guaranteed win." 

Alex Brennan, QuotaPath AE

QuotaPath has invested in a strong product, business, and go-to-market alignment with HubSpot. In a few short years, this has paid off with new leads and high close rates.

Backed by HubSpot Ventures, QuotaPath plans to invest more deeply in the HubSpot ecosystem, and has already begun working with select HubSpot solutions partners, like RevPartners, to add more value to the services they provide HubSpot customers.

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Advice for Success

QuotaPath's Tips for Winning in the HubSpot Ecosystem

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Double down on your listing

Make it clear what the value of your integration is and how it relates to HubSpot. A demo video a great area to focus on -- think of it as more of a tutorial of the integration as opposed to just showcasing what your app does. Customers want to know how your app works with HubSpot.


Build an in-app experience

QuotaPath uses CRM cards that show the commission transparency and earnings data in QuotaPath on a HubSpot record. By providing that data directly in the CRM, it makes it easier for the user to stay within HubSpot and not have to toggle back and forth between systems. This means users are less likely to churn off either product.


Align your go-to-market motions

Think about which part of the HubSpot audience you are trying to sell to and align your go-to-market motion with HubSpot's. If you are targeting upmarket customers, for example, you may need to implement a consultative sales approach to ensure a successful collaboration.  

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Accounts that come from HubSpot close 30% faster. It is incredibly powerful to talk about our partnership with HubSpot - prospects and customers get excited about it and the results have been beneficial to both HubSpot and QuotaPath.

Graham Collins

Chief of Staff

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