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Ecosystem ROI

RollWorks Boosts Business by Investing in HubSpot Partnership

RollWorks built out a dedicated cross functional team to collaborate with HubSpot. By investing in HubSpot across their organization, RollWorks has generated leads, seen an increase in deal value, and boosted customer retention.
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Grow with HubSpot

RollWorks's Dynamic Approach to Partnerships

In 2018, AdRoll specialized in helping e-commerce companies go to market. When they launched an account based marketing (ABM) platform, the high demand led them to create RollWorks, a new ABM product that would be dedicated to B2B companies. 

From day one, RollWorks was designed to help B2B go-to-market teams collaborate and more effectively grow revenue.

Early on, RollWorks adopted a "partner-first" philosophy as a driver of their revenue growth. They partner with leading marketing automation, CRM, content management, customer experience, and other marketing and ad technology companies.

Because of RollWorks's mission to make ABM accessible and the breadth of the HubSpot customer base, HubSpot was identified as a key partner.

The HubSpot-RollWorks integration proved popular with users. The integration provides marketers with an easy-to-use solution to drive their account-based strategies. It enables marketing and sales teams to identify high-fit accounts and buyers, reach them more efficiently, and measure the impact. 

"RollWorks is a fantastic complement to HubSpot, combining best-in-class inbound marketing and account-based marketing capabilities to effectively grow B2B revenue." 

Scott Brinker, VP Platform Partnerships, HubSpot

Over the last few years, a strong integration led to more leads, higher deal sizes, and increased retention. 

Why Partner with HubSpot?

Though RollWorks took a partner-first approach to going to market, they were also very deliberate about whom they chose to invest their resources in. They knew they could not develop a deep partnership with every company and they had to assess which products and brands most aligned with their own.

Many ABM tools are only affordable for upmarket or enterprise accounts, and RollWorks intentionally wanted to provide a tool that could work for businesses of all sizes. They saw that HubSpot took a similar approach in building easy to use tools that help organizations from their first day until they scale.

With RollWorks's and HubSpot's products both enabling go-to-market teams to be more effective, RollWorks believed they could provide an exceptional shared product experience with a HubSpot integration. 

RollWorks also appreciated the size of the HubSpot ecosystem. HubSpot has over 158,000 customers, 750,000 users, and 900,000+ monthly App Marketplace views, and RollWorks knew there was a significant opportunity to grow by investing in getting in front of this audience.  

"We have been very deliberate around partnerships, such as with HubSpot, over the last 3 years because we believe that most savvy marketers are looking to buy best in class technology that works well with each other. We have taken an integration forward strategy which allows us to meet customers where they are and use tools they have in their stack effectively." 

Roli Saxena, CEO, NextRoll


Investment in HubSpot's Ecosystem

Once RollWorks decided to prioritize their HubSpot partnership, they made strategic investments to ensure it would be successful. 

Technology partnerships require alignment across product, technical, and go-to-market teams. In 2022, RollWorks created a dedicated “HubSpot Task Force." This is a cross functional working group that collaborates on all goals related to the HubSpot product integration road map, co-marketing, product marketing, sales enablement, and customer success. This task force includes a dedicated HubSpot partner manager, Ivana Applegate. 

In order to get even broader buy-in across their organization, RollWorks implemented sales enablement and trainings to ensure their sales team had a holistic understanding of how customers are using HubSpot. This included understanding how customers leverage the HubSpot ABM tool and how they can deepen their ABM strategy by layering RollWorks on top of that. 

These trainings help AEs and CSMs instruct customers on how to get the most out of the integration. 

RollWorks also invested in helping HubSpot AEs and CSMs understand the RollWorks integration and what it could do for prospects and customers. To help train and educate HubSpot’s teams, RollWorks presented at HubSpot’s Integration Town Hall and provided enablement content like one sheets. 

Through these efforts, RollWorks has become a well known name in the HubSpot ecosystem. They were a popular sponsor at INBOUND 2022, and they were recently featured in a HubSpot blog post highlighting their HubSpot-specific “Better Together” campaign that drove awareness and adoption of their HubSpot integration. 

Results of a HubSpot Ecosystem Investment 

Following their technical and go-to-market investment in the HubSpot ecosystem, RollWorks saw how the partnership impacted their revenue growth and brand equity. 

Around 65+% of new RollWorks’s deals closed in 2022 and 75% in Q4 2022 were HubSpot customers. Their average deal size for HubSpot influenced deals is approximately 200% larger. On top of that, closed won rates are double for HubSpot customers. 

As INBOUND sponsors, RollWorks was able to capitalize on lead generation efforts. They implemented a gift giving strategy that included custom t-shirts and saw a 2.4x ROI on the sponsorship as a whole. 

Growing Better Together

RollWorks has seen tremendous growth of their business through joint efforts with HubSpot that add real value for shared customers.

RollWorks has empowered HubSpot customers to do more with a product that adds new data layers and sales insights inside HubSpot. One logistics software provider, for example, used the RollWorks-HubSpot app to bring in high quality leads and an engineering company grew their average lead value 3x.

As HubSpot has continued to grow and move upmarket, RollWorks has been able to do the same alongside HubSpot. Their investment in a cross-functional HubSpot-dedicated working group has enabled them to get the most out of their app and going to market in the HubSpot ecosystem. 

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Advice for Success

RollWorks's Tips for Winning in the HubSpot Ecosystem

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Define the better together story

Understand how customers can best leverage the power of both platforms. For example, HubSpot has an ABM tool, so RollWorks had to show how RollWorks adds to HubSpot's existing functionality to up-level results for the customer.

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Learn the partner product

Make sure you and your internal teams understand how customers are using HubSpot, even outside of how your app directly integrates with the product. This way, you truly understand the customer journey and experience, and ensure your app continues to be relevant over time. 

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Play nice in the sandbox

Take a partner first approach and be open to building integrations with any vendors your customers are already seeing value from. This will bring the most growth in the long term. You can't build everything yourself and customers want an integrated experience. 

Ivana Applegate

RollWorks has seen tremendous growth of our business from being an active member of the HubSpot App Ecosystem. We've been able to provide the most robust ABM/account-based solution to ambitious marketers by collaborating with the amazing team at HubSpot.

Ivana Applegate

Sr. Strategic Partner Manager


Join the HubSpot App Partner Program

The IDC estimates app partners will earn $6.1 billion in the HubSpot ecosystem in 2025. There is no better time to become a HubSpot app partner. You can read more about our partner program or reach out to the app partner team with any questions.