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Advertising, A Look Behind The Screens Ad Credit Eligibility

Thanks for watching Advertising, A Look Behind The Screens. HubSpot, Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn are focused on helping you grow your business through advertising. To help you get started with advertising in HubSpot, we’re offering ad credits to HubSpot users. Based on your participation in Advertising, A Look Behind The Screens you might be eligible to receive these credits.

Completing the following steps for each network will make you eligible to receive ad credits.

Note: While completing the following steps makes you eligible to receive ad credits from each individual network, it does not guarantee that you will receive these credits. Ad credit delivery is subject to meeting the individual requirements of HubSpot or the ad network in question, and is also reliant on ad credit availability, which may be withdrawn at any time. Each HubSpot user is limited to one ad credit per ad network and ad account. You cannot receive additional credits by connecting one ads account to multiple HubSpot accounts. 


Google is offering $50 USD ad spend-match credits. These ad credits are only available to new advertisers. If you’re just getting started with Google Ads, completing the following steps will make you eligible to receive these ad credits.

Create a Google Ads account.

Connect your Google Ads account to HubSpot.

Start advertising and spend at least $50 on Google Ads. These ads will be created directly via Google Ads.

If an ad credit is delivered, it will be applied directly to your Google Ads account. You must agree to Google’s Terms & Conditions and any supplemental terms provided by Google in order to redeem this ad credit.

If you have been determined by Google to be eligible and the credit has been successfully applied, you will find the application of the credit in your ‘Transaction history’ on Google Ads:

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 4.31.30 PM



LinkedIn is offering $100 USD ad spend-match credits. These ad credits will be available to HubSpot users who connect a LinkedIn Ads account to HubSpot anytime on or after October 14. 

  1. Connect a LinkedIn Ads account to your HubSpot account. This ad account cannot have been previously connected to your HubSpot Account.
  2. Spend $100 USD on LinkedIn Ads, or equivalent amount in eligible currencies (refer to chart below). You can either create LinkedIn lead generation ads directly within HubSpot, or you can create other ad types directly on LinkedIn.
  3. If an ad credit is delivered, you will see the credit appear on your HubSpot ads dashboard. Click on the 'Ads Credit Available' notification and click 'Show code' to reveal the code.
  4. This credit can then be applied to your LinkedIn Ads account following these instructions. When redeeming this credit, you must agree to LinkedIn’s terms & conditions, as may be updated by LinkedIn from time to time.

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