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3P Creative Group Partners with HubSpot and Boosts Lead Generation by 20X

Before HubSpot, 3P Creative was a young agency that received on average 1-2 more or less qualified leads per month mostly through referrals and networking events. Since partners with HubSpot, they now have increased to 20-30 leads per month from inbound marketing mainly. But even more importantly, the company is moving away from one-time website projects to more valuable long-term inbound marketing retainers. Before HubSpot, 3P Creative was a young agency that received on average 1-2 more or less qualified leads per month mostly through referrals and networking events. Since partners with HubSpot, they now have increased to 20-30 leads per month from inbound marketing mainly. But even more importantly, the company is moving away from one-time website projects to more valuable long-term inbound marketing retainers.

9.7x Increase in Traffic

12.7X increase in organic traffic

20X increase in leads

A Frankenstein Monster Of Patched Together Tools

3P Creative Group was founded in 2012 as Organic SEO Press by a husband & wife team Hannah and Jeremy Eisenberg from the ground up. Initially, they focused on building WordPress websites and doing search engine optimization for small businesses. Since it was only the two of them, they focused primarily on client projects, neglecting to build their SEO credit and execute a content marketing strategy to grow their agency's online presence. 

Before moving to HubSpot, Hannah and Jeremy approached their marketing without a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy in place. As many other small business owners, Hannah and Jeremy never took the time to properly research and define buyer personas, develop an editorial calendar or plan out marketing campaigns from beginning to end.

Because resources were limited and a marketing budget virtually non-existent, the team cobbled together a system of about ~20 disparate tools to manage our social media, SEO reports, email marketing and blogging, e.g., HootSuite, MailChimp, Google Analytics, Raven Tools and many more.

However, the business did not grow as expected. The website received about 200 visits and a few leads every month. The company had created a variety of issues that were holding them back from success. Every month, the team:

  • Wasted precious time and resources that attracted the wrong buyer personas.

  • Missed out on leads because there was no opportunity for leads  to identify themselves as interested but not ready to request a quote.

  • Could not measure what worked and what did not. 

  • Spent a lot of time selling because all the agency’s revenue was generated by one-time projects.

  • Had to do everything manually. It literally sucked up all their time. 

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Something Had To Change Quickly

Hannah Eisenberg, Marketing Director, knew she needed to practice what she preached to her clients and implement a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy instead of focusing only on a few fragmented pieces of the puzzle.

After thorough research and comparing several options, they decided to take a plunge and turn their business around. The couple applied for a small business loan and partnered in March 2014 with HubSpot.

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Emphasis On Managing Growth And Return On Investment

From the very start of the partnership, 3P Creative Group aligned itself with HubSpot and its focus on managing growth and return on investment. 

This did not only impact the agency’s service offering and packaging but also how they were priced.  Before HubSpot, prices were calculated based on the agency’s costs – now they are based on the value they deliver to the client.

By moving onto an integrated platform that measures, analyzes, and tracks almost everything, Hannah focused on return on investment and growth of the company: It changed the way the business was managed. 

“I live in my HubSpot portal. The mobile app allows me to keep a close eye on my client’s and our growth 24/7. But being able to show my clients every month what impact we made on their business has not only been a tremendous factor for building trust but also changed us as a company. Now we are measuring ourselves by ROI and client happiness, not only by projects completed. – Hannah Eisenberg.

HubSpot Academy Training

One of the perks of becoming a HubSpot customer is that you receive a lot of training opportunities through the HubSpot Academy. The rigorous web-based training enabled the team to get up to speed quickly. 

Within only 55 days, Hannah was Inbound, HubSpot, and Partner Certified and had an Inbound Marketing program in place.

Buyer Personas, Blogging & Website Content

3P Creative Group decided to fully leverage this opportunity to completely re-invent themselves. Hannah took the first three months to re-think everything: ideal buyer personas, what problems they faced that 3P Creative could assist with, what content they were looking for, etc. Then she rebuilt a new website from scratch, including helpful content and conversion opportunities.


Publishing more than 100 blog posts and more than 40 web pages within the last 12 months, blogging and content marketing has become a fundamental cornerstone of the agency’s marketing mix.

Now, the team is crafting 2-3 strategically planned, buyer persona specific blog posts a week while building and engaging with their social media channels on a daily basis. Constant analysis and improvement of the work done to drive growth is mandatory. 

Lead Generation & Nurturing

Within the last 12 months, Hannah has created more than 25 conversion paths and various premium content offers, such as “The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Inbound Marketing” and “The Social Media Scheduling Cheat Sheet”. 

However, these are not created by random, but rather as part of an overarching strategy considering the buyer persona, their buyer’s journey and overall business goals. Each marketing campaign included landing pages, thank you pages, call to actions, follow-up emails, promotion emails, blog posts, and social media messages.  This has resulted in more than 150 leads – not including submissions from other marketing agencies or submissions without valid contact information.


While before HubSpot, 3P Creative Group followed up with the few bottom of the funnel leads, now the agency is filling its pipeline with leads in all stages of the funnel that are being nurtured according to their stage in the buying cycle.

These leads will then be enrolled in targeted email marketing campaigns slowly and carefully building trust by providing helpful guidance in order to move them deeper into the sales funnel.

Social Media 

Due to limited resources, Hannah needed to focus on one social media channel to develop first. She decided to primarily focus on Twitter as the social media channel to grow and engage with. As a result of her engagement and quality tweets, her Twitter following grew on average by 120% every month. 

Inbound Sales Process

The way the agency sells has changed as well. Previously, Hannah did not like selling. In the initial conversation, she used to ask prospects about their marketing plans and goals. She would then put together a detailed proposal outlining how to achieve these goals.

But the send and pray approach was highly ineffective, because her prospects were not yet qualified enough for budget, need, authority and timeline or educated enough about what she was proposing to see the value of her work. And she was uncomfortable with pushy sales tactics, so following up was usually a friendly email.

Now, through sales coaching with HubSpot, Hannah is using a consulting approach. The feeling of helping her prospects, instead of convincing them, has given her a significant boost.

About 3P Creative Group

3P Creative Group is a full-service Inbound Marketing agency based in Park, NJ. They offer buyer persona definition, content marketing, social media management, search engine optimization, web design, email marketing and much more. In March 2014, 3P Creative Group (back then Organic SEO Press) became a HubSpot partner. This enables them to offer their clients a truly business changing inbound marketing platform.

Industry: Agency

Location: United States

Software: Growth Platform

Start growing with HubSpot today

Start growing with HubSpot today

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