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Alere Wellbeing Increases Leads 25% and Saves Money with HubSpot

Alere Wellbeing had a fixed cost per lead, but had challenges converting them. They lacked the tools and analytics to turn this around until they found HubSpot. Alere Wellbeing had a fixed cost per lead, but had challenges converting them. They lacked the tools and analytics to turn this around until they found HubSpot.

20% Increase in Traffic

25% increase in leads in one year

100 net new customers in one year

Alere Wellbeing Needed to Convert More Leads

Geoff Tucker, Senior B2B Marketing Manager, joined Alere Wellbeing to implement an inbound marketing strategy and help them convert more leads. Before he joined, the marketing team had mostly focused on developing white papers, which they posted on their website, along with intermittent email marketing.  But there was no cohesive strategy behind their marketing activities and they lacked the analysis to understand why they weren’t converting more leads.

The executive team was interested in implementing content marketing along with marketing automation, lead scoring, and better customer segmentation.  Geoff was hired to implement these strategies and knew that HubSpot was the right tool to support them.  “The other marketing platforms just seemed more rigid... I was concerned with what kind of support I was going to get and how they are growing and building their platform.”

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Updating Their Content and Using HubSpot’s Email and Landing Pages Helps Provide More Lead Intelligence

Geoff says it was easy to get up and running with HubSpot thanks to the training tools and consulting provided.  And they found the support they needed to integrate HubSpot with their Salesforce CRM. “The support engineers have been amazing.  We’ve got everything beautifully integrated, it flows.  Our SalesForce administrator was thrilled with our integration engineer, too.”

Geoff had a lot of great content to work with when he joined Alere Wellbeing, but the white papers were written for a general audience and didn’t move prospects down the marketing funnel.  So he started out by better defining personas for Alere Wellbeing’s market.  Then, Geoff says, he revamped the content:  “We sliced and diced the white papers and made them more targeted and readable. We used more storytelling. We then put the papers into a logical sequence to nurture people. Our audience needs education about behavior change programs so we start off explaining how the programs work in general, then progress to how ours work – and outperform others.”

After revising all of the content, Geoff and his team worked with their HubSpot consultants to create a more thoughtful marketing plan and start taking advantage of the software.  They created a theme for every quarter that centered around a webinar, which had been proven to drive the most leads.  They used HubSpot’s Email Tools to execute lead nurture flows with the content related to the webinars.

In May, 2013, the team achieved its highest-performing webinar ever: more than 1,600 registrants for an event with Salt Sugar Fat Pulitzer Prize winning author Michael Moss yielded a 70% conversion rate in the lead up to the live event.  The recorded webinar continues to deliver quality leads through on-demand playback.

They’ve also seen great results with their email campaigns by becoming more rigorous about A/B testing. In a recent campaign with their database of 37,000 contacts, they saw a 12% open rate and 33% of those who opened converted to leads. And when they promote a webinar and sync it up with social media, they often find a conversion rate of 50%.

The team ultimately built over 50 HubSpot Landing Pages to support all of the content they had.  Geoff says, “It was easy to spin up 2-3 pages a week” per team member as part of their content generation activities.  These landing pages ultimately gave them more lead intelligence.  “Every time a prospect makes a download, we score them and determine if they’re sales ready.”

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Increase in Leads by 25% and Cost Savings Prove Results

HubSpot’s Analytics tools have helped Alere Wellbeing better measure their marketing results.  Geoff says, “Part of the culture is to have a list of goals each quarter.  One of mine is the number of sales qualified leads (SQLs), and we have now set up very specific terms with Sales to define it.”  SQLs are based on lead scoring and they have seen a significant improvement in the quality of leads passed to Sales for follow up.

And the results came quickly after they implemented HubSpot.  Alere Wellbeing achieved a 10% lead conversion rate during their first 6 months; they are now averaging more than 15% conversion rates across 80+ landing pages.

Integration with Salesforce helped the marketing team understand how much money they were contributing to pipeline.  Last quarter marketing contributed about one-third of revenue.

Using HubSpot’s software has also helped Alere Wellbeing save money.  They no longer buy lists since their contacts database is generated through their inbound marketing strategy.  “We had tried buying lists but we don’t any more.  I know it seems like a good idea some of the time, but let me tell you about my $8,000 mistake... the bounce rate was 26%.” Geoff now refuses any offers to buy lists, and educates his newer marketing team members why buying lists is a bad idea.

Next, Allere Wellbeing is looking into moving all of their website content onto HubSpot’s Content Optimization System during Q2 2014.  This will enable them to do more personalization on their site and take advantage of responsive design.

About Alere Wellbeing

Alere Wellbeing, part of Alere, Inc., brings together science, technology, and personal interaction to help people recognize and modify unhealthy behaviors to avoid chronic illness and live longer, more vital lives. Current clients include 27 state governments and more than 675 health plans and employers, 76 of which are in the Fortune 500.

Industry: Healthcare

Company Size: Mid-Market 25-200 employees

Location: United States

Software: Marketing

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