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Amerihope Cuts Paid Advertising and Increases Leads 186% Using HubSpot

Amerihope Alliance Legal Services, like many other legal firms, has always relied on paid search and purchasing legal directories to gain customers. After investing in HubSpot and integrating it with Zerys, they’ve dramatically increased both their lead generation and close rates following an inbound marketing strategy. Amerihope Alliance Legal Services, like many other legal firms, has always relied on paid search and purchasing legal directories to gain customers. After investing in HubSpot and integrating it with Zerys, they’ve dramatically increased both their lead generation and close rates following an inbound marketing strategy.

119% Increase in Traffic

186% increase in contacts within first three months

27% increase in customers past six months

Moving Away from Traditional Marketing

Prior to investing in HubSpot, Amerihope, like many other legal firms, relied on paid advertising and purchasing lists of contacts to generate qualified leads. They would purchase about 1200 contacts per month some of which were shared  with three other companies.  This created an overly competitive environment without much return on their investment because the majority of the purchased contacts were not a good match for their company. According to Kristen Clinton, Director of Marketing for Amerihope Alliance Legal Services, the contacts they gained from legal directories closed at an average rate of 8%. On the contrary, the few leads they generated from organic traffic closed at an average rate of 25%.

Their huge challenge was finding a way to generate more leads organically. Before investing in HubSpot, they generated an average of 20 organic leads per month, but wanted to invest less in paid advertising and start generating more organic, qualified leads.  

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Adopting Inbound Marketing

Amerihope was unsure they had the bandwidth or resources to execute on a complete content-centric inbound marketing strategy. Kristen investigated all of her options, including looking for an agency, looking for a blogger and trying to do it herself. She wanted to keep control of the overall marketing strategy, but found that agencies wanted to run her campaigns, not just blog for the company. She didn’t have the bandwidth to blog five times a week herself. Kristen understood the importance of having an organized and timely content strategy to fully see a return on investment with HubSpot; she wanted Amerihope to blog more than once a week. According to Kristen, "When we started with HubSpot, we spent a lot of time staring at each other and saying, ‘How do we have time for all of this?’”

When they turned to their HubSpot account manager for a solution, they were presented with Zerys. Zerys is a comprehensive content tool and strategy planner. Amerihope used the tool by providing Zerys writers with topics and keywords that they wanted to post about on their blog and Zerys writers picked up the topics and wrote the correlating articles. They had a lot of topics that they wanted to write about, but not a lot of time to write them themselves. However, once they invested in Zerys they went from blogging twice a month to blogging five times a week. They had lawyers and members of their firm writing articles 2-3 times a week and with the support of Zerys they were able to fill their editorial calendar.

With the benefit of HubSpot’s Blog and SEO tools, they were able to attract more visitors with content than ever before to generate leads organically.  “After using HubSpot, we actually have people finding our website on Google,” Kristen said, “Every person who finds us on Google is coming to us via blog posts, not through site pages.” After investing in HubSpot in April, they’ve seen a 200% increase in organic traffic on their website as of Janurary 2014.


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A Match Made in Inbound Marketing Heaven

Like many marketers, Kristen previously had a fear of investing in an inbound marketing strategy based on time constraints. But she found a content-generation solution that wasn’t time consuming: Reviewing and editing a well-written article and then moving forward.  “Without all of the content and blogs, we would not be where we are right now,” Kristen said, “It is cost effective, even cheaper than paying an employee.” For Kristen’s team, HubSpot and Zerys together have changed the way she looks at inbound marketing.

Before HubSpot, the majority of Amerihope’s customers were coming from shared legal directories, which led to low conversion rates. Now, with HubSpot and an inbound marketing strategy, they are attracting more visitors to their website, converting more visitors into leads and converting more leads to customers.

Within the first year, 35% of Amerihope’s new clients engaged in some way with HubSpot marketing activities. Some leads found them organically and downloaded resources; others received emails and engaged with the content there. According to Kristie, “Using HubSpot has been one of the best marketing decisions we have made, and we are thrilled to see our work paying off by way of traffic, leads and clients.”  

About Amerihope Alliance Legal Services

Amerihope Alliance Legal Services is a law firm focusing on providing services including foreclosure defense, and loan modification.. They serve clients in Florida, Illinois, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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