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Finnleo Heats Up Their Web Presence and Increase Traffic 93% with HubSpot

As the industry leader in sauna manufacturing, Finnleo's marketing efforts are focused on increasing its web presence. However, before using HubSpot, they could not monitor the online activities of their visits or make changes to their website, so they were always dependent on a developer's resources and their long deadlines.

  • 113% Increase in Web Traffic

  • 41% increase in leads since Feb 2013

  • 93% increase in traffic Q4 2013 vs Q4 2012


Finnleo is the market leader in traditional and infrared saunas. Today, it has the largest sauna room and heater manufacturing plants in the world. In addition, it has the most extensive research and development program of any sauna manufacturer.


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    Struggling to Grow Their Online Presence

    The marketing team at Finnleo, headed by Craig Lahti, Director of PR and Social Media, knew that in order to reach their organizational growth goals, they had to make changes to improve their digital presence. Their website did not have proper SEO work completed, which made it difficult for search engines to find and list their site properly.

    In addition, they received few leads online because there was a single place that visitors could convert on, their Contact Us page, which is considered a bottom-of-the-funnel action that a only small group of prospects (about 2%) are ready to take.

    In order to better understand how visitors were using their website and which of their marketing activities were paying off, Finnleo sought a solution that would provide them with data and analytics to improve their digital presence and, in turn, capture new leads.

    How HubSpot Helped

    At the beginning of their work with HubSpot, their consultant was instrumental in helping them get off and running. He looked at every aspect of their website to diagnose missing key SEO elements, and made sure they were setup properly to get found by search engines for important terms and topics in the sauna industry.

    Next, to generate more leads who were in the earlier stages of research, their consultant recommended creating a variety of Call-to-Action buttons that connected to helpful downloadable resources, such as a Design Guide to help plan and design a custom sauna.
    Additionally, their consultant challenged the entire team to create content using the HubSpot Blog, which uses built-in SEO and helps their marketing team by giving real-time recommendations on how to improve their content for search.  “I love writing, content creation both makes sense, in terms of becoming a thought leader and respected expert in the field, it naturally creates links and opportunities to have more calls to action,” says Craig. With a big content push in the Fall of 2013, they saw a 93% increase in traffic for the final quarter compared to 2012. Today they continue to see a direct correlation between their blogging frequency and web traffic, and are pleased to have experienced a 113% increase in web traffic this past year, since February 2013.

    Using Intel to Boost Lead Generation

    After the content engine was cracking, the marketing team at Finnleo wanted to take advantage of the traffic coming to their site by generating more and better leads. They use HubSpot’s Analytics to see the conversion paths their visitors take prior to visiting a Landing Page offer and becoming a lead, they then use this data to continuously improve their lead generation and content strategy.

    By using HubSpot’s Lead Nurturing tools the marketing team is able to interact with potential customers and understand their needs or reasons to engaging with them online.  With the Smart form fields, returning leads or customer no longer have to complete the same information on forms each visit. This small but powerful feature helps improve conversion rates and is a part of the reason for their 41% increase in leads over the past year, since February 2013.

    In addition, they set up timed email Workflows in Hubspot that automatically send emails to nurture less qualified leads who indicate they are just “kicking the tires,” to help keep in contact with those prospective customers and provide them more information without requiring extra time from the sales department. 

    Advice for Small Business Owners

    Craig says that, "if you’re a small business with limited staff, HubSpot helps immensely by automating email and quickly responding to a prospect’s request for information. This allows your sales team to focus their time and energy on the most qualified leads when they make it to that final stage in the funnel. With the HubSpot tracking code and Analytics, you can quickly see what is working and gives you the insights needed to make adjustments to be successful.” 
    • One of our dealers strongly recommended we consider using HubSpot, as they enjoyed great success using it. Since they had provided great feedback in the past, we decided to try it, and we were pleased that they were right again.

      Craig Lahti

      Director of PR and Social Media


    • Once you're live, HubSpot makes life easier, and their account reps are absolutely committed to your success.

      Craig Lahti

      Director of PR and Social Media


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