Achieving 4,000% ROAS with HubSpot

IAAD, the Italian University of Design, needed to optimise omni-channel advertising campaigns. With HubSpot, IAAD halved CPA and achieve a ROAS of almost 4,000%. IAAD, the Italian University of Design, needed to optimise omni-channel advertising campaigns. With HubSpot, IAAD halved CPA and achieve a ROAS of almost 4,000%.

3,808% ROI of the investment in paid media

50% reduction in CPA from omnichannel campaigns

2.5X conversion rate from contact to closed won deals

Set up the Sales Pipeline

IAAD - The Italian University of Design was founded in 1978 in Turin. Today, after more than 40 years of activity, it is one of the main higher education centres in Italy and Europe.

For IAAD, design is the culture of the project, a system capable of connecting production with end users, dealing with research and innovation to give social value and cultural significance to goods and services that IAAD can distribute on the market: meaning, function, and form are the cornerstones of conscious design.

Driven by a strong desire to approach online channels in a structured way to acquire new potential students, they chose HubSpot to lead the organization's Digital Transformation, starting from the University's Orientation team and involving the Communication and Corporate Office.

In order to achieve their results, IAAD chose to involve Guanxi, a Digital Strategy consulting firm, and HubSpot’s partner focused on Marketing and Sales Automation processes design and optimization.

The Guanxi team of consultants guided IAAD in the Inbound Marketing and Sales project definition, starting from analyzing the as-is processes and designing a roadmap for integrating HubSpot and the Inbound Methodology in the client organization.

A challenge that is not easy to accept, also given the history of the institute, has seen the birth of a deep collaboration between the teams and the emergence of an awareness of the advantages that a platform like HubSpot can offer in the adoption of new organizational processes.

Thanks to the native integration between HubSpot CRM and advertising channels such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads, as well as the constant updating of information relating to student registration requests contained in the deals, it was possible to achieve a high level of optimization in real-time of campaigns and related media investment.

The first step faced during the adoption of HubSpot within the organization was to collect the needs of the Orientation team through fact-finding interviews, the aim of which was to fully understand the team's "as is" processes and provide consultancy to identify solutions that could migrate the current way of working on the new platform, gradually and without negatively impacting the learning times of the new software and the Inbound Methodology.

The result of the interviews was a Sales Pipeline that allowed to have a more orderly and schematic view of the processes, accompanied by all the information that the Orientation team needed to optimally manage the requests of potential new students: for this purpose; it was useful to configure the Deal properties so that the team could enter all the data simply during the creation or update phases of the deals, minimizing the dispersion of information by using the mandatory properties to move the deals from one stage to another.

After an initial testing phase, IAAD optimized the structure with constant feedback from the IAAD team directly involved in managing applications.

In addition, to allow the Orientation team simple and immediate management of business opportunities, workflows have been implemented to automatically create deals starting from the compilation of the forms, in the Landing Pages of the courses and the Masters, by the interested parties students to apply.

Thanks to these implementations, the IAAD team optimised the application management flows and monitored the entire process in real-time.

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Integrate CRM and advertising accounts on HubSpot

After configuring the CRM and bringing the Sales processes within the platform, we moved to the front of advertising campaigns, analyzing the requests and defining together with the client's team the objectives for generating subscribers from online channels.

The objectives have been segmented for each course and Master of interest for the university and the different Italian offices (Turin and Bologna): from this point. We started to plan investments on Google Ads and Facebook Ads channels in a targeted manner by targeting audiences based on interests and research focused on decision keywords to collect the efforts also used in the Awareness and Consideration phases.

Thanks to the native integration between CRM and advertising channels, we were able to report in the Ads section of HubSpot the main metrics for evaluating campaign performance, displaying a different story than that told by the individual platforms, and bypassing the problem of the different attribution models, directly reading the data collected by the CRM.

Above all, it was essential to synchronize the lead data generated by the advertising platforms and estimate the ROI of the campaigns starting from the data present in the deals, which allowed an optimization based on the return on investment and not just on data targeting technicians.

The constant work of updating the data present in the Sales Pipeline deals allowed the team responsible for managing the advertising campaigns to know in real-time which channels, campaigns, ad groups, and individual keywords were leading to a greater return to allocate a greater budget on what guaranteed an optimal expense and a ROAS adequate to the objectives defined with the customer.

Tools used within the HubSpot CRM platform:

  • Deal Pipeline for gathering all information about candidates and applications
  • Tasks for letting all the team updated about what to do with candidates
  • Meetings for making easier to book appointments with the Orientation team
  • Ads & Integration with CRM for calculating ROAS
  • Email Marketing for managing nurturing communications with candidates
  • Landing Pages for generating leads and managing events during the year
  • Forms for gathering information from users
  • CTAs for guiding users through the touchpoint of Customer Journey Files for uploading contents (e.g. courses brochures)
  • Campaigns for monitoring every asset related to a specific topic
  • Calendar for tasks and managing due dates
  • Inbox for shared conversations among teams
  • Live Chat for generating leads also from the website and make the conversations with users frictionless.
  • Templates for standardizing email communications
  • Workflows for automating all the Customer Journey Reports for giving evidence of results
  • Dashboards for transforming raw data into meaningful insights

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Continuous monitoring and optimization

The data and reports available on HubSpot focused on periodic discussion meetings with the main IAAD stakeholders to collect their feedback and think together on how to optimize the strategy and assets used in the campaigns.

Having such clear data as ROAS was one reason that made it "easy" to demonstrate the effectiveness of the initiatives implemented in the Inbound Marketing strategy and to understand the value of HubSpot within the organization.

"Always available in the initial coaching phase to learn how to use CRM, they supported us in creating and improving the pipeline and throughout the lead acquisition and management process. A workgroup with which it is possible to interact directly and which puts the skills of each member of the staff at the customer's service" - Michele Penna - Student Recruitment Senior Manager @ IAAD

About IAAD

IAAD - The Italian University of Design was founded in 1978 in Turin and today, after more than 40 years of activity, it is one of the main higher education centres in Italy and in Europe.

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