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Kettlebell Kings Streamlines Decision Making With HubSpot

As Kettlebell Kings was starting out, its biggest challenge was to implement an infrastructure that could help them grow. Here's how HubSpot helped the company streamline decision-making processes.

Kettlebell Kings

Kettlebell Kings only has one goal: to supply customers with the kettlebells and other workout equipment they need to meet fitness goals as they progress through training.


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    What makes Kettlebell Kings stand-out from competitors?

    What makes us different than other kettlebell companies is we don't just offer an awesome product. We are involved with the community. We have developed and nurtured partnerships and we make sure that our product is the best available.

    What are some of the early challenges you faced at Kettlebell Kings?

    When we first starting out, we all did everything. We were packing boxes, responding to customer emails and phone calls, and unloading new shipments, but that's not even the stuff that was going to grow the business.

    We had to also find time to do things like create helpful informative content and get it published. We had to create email workflows to start building a community. The biggest challenge we had before we had HubSpot in place was even just having the infrastructure to build the things that you read that everyone is telling you you need to create.

    Who are Kettlebell Kings customers?

    Kettlebell King’s customers really ranges from beginners to professional athletes. We try to provide kettlebells to everyone, but we've tried to market our content for the beginner user.

    We find one of the biggest things to do is to provide our customers with a foundation of knowledge that allows them to feel confident in using the tools that we provide them with. We've tried to provide them with that foundation from the very beginning.

    When did you first encounter HubSpot?

    I was selling software at one of the large ecommerce software providers. And so I became familiar with HubSpot as a possible solution for different prospects that I was working with.

    How has using HubSpot changed the way your business operates?

    It really allows you to see the potential of where you could possibly be and gives you an accurate snapshot of where you are.

    One of the things we like to do a Kettlebell Kings is keep our decision making process as streamlined as possible, and HubSpot allows us to do that by not having to hire staff order to do 10 different roles.

    What makes Kettlebell Kings prepared for the future?

    We're resilient company because we've taken the time to listen to our customers and listen to the community and be able to adapt and grow with them and earn their trust.

    We want to be a business that's adaptable to change. One of the competitive advantages that you need in a business is being able to adopt tools that are going to help you build your business faster than others. We've always wanted to be a company that is adaptable to change and one of the things we've noticed about HubSpot is that the product is always constantly evolving, which helps us adapt as well.

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