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HubSpot Customer Spotlight: Libcast

Libcast adopted HubSpot in 2014 as a means of growing and qualifying their database and improving their communication with both customers and leads, which they successfully achieved.

  • 3 new hires

  • Increased demand


Libcast is an Online Video Platform providing solutions for internal and external communications. Their users can store, manage and share their videos easily.


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    Migrating to a Simpler Marketing Platform

    Prior to HubSpot, Libcast were using a multitude of different tools to manage their marketing efforts, but it was not scalable. Anne-Sophie Poupard, International Marketing Manager at Libcast, says, "we were looking for a tool which could centralise all our marketing efforts and all our channels and HubSpot is that place." 

    Since adopting HubSpot's Marketing Platform and migrating their website to the CMS Hub, Libcast has experienced an increased demand for their product and grown to meet it. Anne-Sophie explains, "we've hired 3 people and we've grown our customers database."

    The team are delighted with the impact HubSpot has made on their business. Anne-Sophie concludes, "we really do see the change and it's a really easy to use tool."


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