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MyFeelBack Boosts Revenue by 2X with HubSpot

MyFeelBack went all-in with the inbound methodology using Marketing Hub and Sales Hub. Since signing up, MyFeelBack has increased leads by 3X and revenue by 2X.

  • 2X increase in revenue

  • 3X increase in leads

  • 4X increase in website traffic


MyFeelBack provides a SaaS solution for collecting customer feedback via ultra-targeted smart surveys that capture high-value insights and keep their customer bases up to date.


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    Moving to an All-in-One Solution

    MyFeelBack provides a SaaS solution for collecting customer feedback via ultra-targeted smart surveys. By 2015, it had established itself as a significant player in the sector, but its marketing lacked depth and focus.

    “I was hired to work on that, to create a cohesive strategy and the team to execute it,” explains Jerome Collomb, head of marketing at MyFeelBack. “We started by using a mix of point solutions, including MailChimp for emails, but that didn’t help us to go beyond the basics. I realised that the only way to produce joined-up, scalable marketing was with an all-in-one platform.”

    Jerome wanted to implement the inbound methodology, a concept that he had learned about through the HubSpot blog.

    “I had become a bit of an inbound evangelist – I liked HubSpot’s whole philosophy around turning strangers into promoters of your business. When it came to selecting a marketing solution, HubSpot was naturally my first port of call.”

    “The fact that it was easy to use was a big thing for us. As a startup, we are adding to our staff all the time, and I don’t want to have to spend a month training a new hire on a complicated platform. HubSpot Marketing Hub is intuitive, backed up by resources like the HubSpot Academy and we have our customer success manager - I knew that we would be able to hit the ground running, so we signed up in November 2015.”

    Creating Content That Converts

    MyFeelBack got started by creating its personas, which include chief marketing officers and CRM managers, and then the content to attract them.

    “Our first piece was a top-of-the-funnel ebook on customer satisfaction. That did well, and it still has a very high click-through rate. After that, we took a deeper dive into our strategy and came up with several different acquisition campaigns. We set up Landing Pages with all kinds of innovative content like personality quizzes, infographics and webinars, and we encouraged engagement with Calls-to-Action and Forms,” says Jerome.

    Automation is now central to the company’s marketing. It has designed many Workflows, and leads are nurtured with emails relevant to their interests.

    “Our HubSpot customer success manager made sure that we took a strategic approach from day one. At the beginning of our journey, he said, ‘you know, you’re giving much valuable information away for free. Wouldn’t it be better to use it to build up an exchange with your prospects?’ From then on, we made sure that we gated a lot of our content, and that’s led to us being able to identify more leads and foster relationships with them.”

    MyFeelBack went on to use more of HubSpot Marketing Hub’s advanced features, particularly lead scoring.

    “We assign prospects positive and negative points depending on who they are and what they do on our website, and once they reach a certain number, they are passed on to the sales team. What’s great is that it is completely adjustable. For example, in months where we typically get fewer leads, we can lower the points bar with a couple of clicks.”

    Jerome has completed three HubSpot certification courses himself, and he requires new hires to complete at least one before starting work.

    “The resources available from the Academy are incredible, and I want to make sure that we get the most out of them! They are always up to date as well. For example, with the new data protection regulations, I didn’t have to spend my days searching the web for information – it was all there at my fingertips.”

    On a Trajectory to Success

    Since partnering with HubSpot, MyFeelBack has achieved some excellent results. Within a month of using the platform, back in 2015, it got nearly 8,000 unique visitors to its site. That number has been growing ever since; it is now closing in on 40,000 every month, a 4X increase.

    “Our marketing qualified leads are growing as well – overall, we have seen a 3X boost and that’s increasing every month. On average, 10.5% of them convert into sales qualified leads.”

    Jerome says that more people are booking demos for MyFeelBack’s solution than ever before.

    “Once they make that request, they often convert into customers. That’s great for us because we can trace their journey and show management that marketing is getting real results and bringing in money. In fact, revenue is up by 2X since we signed up with HubSpot.”

    Looking ahead, the plan is to use HubSpot Marketing Hub to generate even more traffic and qualified leads.

    “The Content Strategy tool is going to be a big part of that – we want to add more interactive elements, try more new things. We’re very glad we chose to go with HubSpot Marketing Hub; it’s continually evolving and backed by excellent support. I believe that it is going to be a big part of our business for many years to come.”



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