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Quadrotech Streamlines Sales & Marketing with HubSpot

Prior to HubSpot, Quadrotech used a range of outdated tools that didn’t integrate or speak to each other. With HubSpot, the company has aligned its teams and increased its website traffic and conversions.

  • 175% increase in website conversions

  • 65% annual growth in marketing-led pipeline


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    Moving From Disconnected Tools to a Single Powerful Platform

    Before HubSpot, Quadrotech used a range of tools for marketing and sales. It was quite a complicated setup. They used ActiveCampaign for marketing automation, Unbounce for landing pages, and their CRM was Microsoft Dynamics. These platforms didn’t integrate well, and it was impossible to plan and set up a campaign in an efficient way.

    Shelley Bougnague, Marketing Operations Manager at Quadrotech, explained, “If we wanted to add a contact from ActiveCampaign into our CRM, I had to do that manually. Sales reps had to log into three different platforms just to manage a sales opportunity. As the company started to grow, we realised we needed a more integrated, seamless process, especially between the marketing and sales teams.” The ultimate goal was to have everything on a single platform that would help Quadrotech improve their sales and marketing processes.

    Quadrotech’s journey with HubSpot began when the company they’ve acquired was already using HubSpot, and they realised that it would make sense to choose the same path. “We knew HubSpot was an all-in-one platform that would replace the tools we had. Because half of the team could use HubSpot, it was the smartest thing to do, and an easy choice to make. We knew we wouldn’t have to train everyone on a new platform,” adds Shelley.

    A comprehensive overview of sales and marketing was essential to Quadrotech and they chose HubSpot to tackle their challenges. In July 2018, Quadrotech signed up for Marketing Hub Enterprise and added over 35 Sales Hub Enterprise licences soon after.

    Reaping the Benefits of Account-Based Marketing, Automation, and Reporting

    The first area of focus for Quadrotech’s transition to HubSpot was marketing, with a significant emphasis on inbound. “I have a motto: if it’s not in HubSpot, it didn’t happen. Everything we do from a marketing perspective happens in or through HubSpot. We decided to spend a few months on moving everything to the platform. It was worth it because everything now lives in HubSpot, including landing pages, emails, forms, ads, and nurturing workflows,” says Shelley.

    The workflows tool in Marketing Hub are vital to scaling Quadrotech’s marketing strategy. “We have 20 to 30 dedicated nurturing workflows for early-stage leads. We automatically add leads into workflows, and these are passed to sales when our lead scoring deems them qualified enough for a conversation. It’s a completely hands-off process. Without it, we wouldn’t have the same volume of highly qualified leads,” explains Shelley. The effort to build automated lead nurturing workflows keeps bringing excellent results.

    After mastering Marketing Hub Enterprise, Quadrotech added Sales Hub Enterprise to the mix. Even though a new CRM can be a significant change, the sales team bought into the idea of HubSpot CRM when they realised how much information they would have about their contacts. “Our old CRM only gave sales reps basic contact information, and they had to add a lot of information manually.” HubSpot also gives Quadrotech access to a sophisticated CRM without sacrificing ease of use. “Before HubSpot, reps didn’t know much about a lead or how to find out. HubSpot shows them if they’ve clicked an ad, the pages they viewed, and the emails they opened. Everything is there, on a single page. A deeper insight into prospects helps them have better conversations. When we add this with tools like templates and sales email automation software, reps can close more deals, and hit quota,” says Shelley.

    HubSpot has also united Quadrotech’s sales and marketing team through a significant initiative: Account-Based Marketing. In the past, the teams were aware of each other’s activities, but this didn’t go deep enough, and actions became hard to track. “I knew that if we were going to make ABM a success, we needed to work together closely. By integrating HubSpot with Tribilio, an ABM platform, the marketing team could discover the impact of ads, emails, and all other activities. One the other hand, the sales team could use CRM data to create a better experience for target accounts. Working together brought us great results”, explains Shelley.

    Quadrotech uses the Dashboard and Reporting software add-on to help to drive better business decisions. Enhanced reporting was a huge priority when they moved to HubSpot, as Shelley explains “I’ve set up reports and dashboards for everyone in the company. Before I joined this role, we didn’t report on our marketing activities, so this was huge. We can build any report we want. Sales managers use pipeline reports and go through them with their reps each week. On top of this, some people only want a big picture overview, and they receive an email with high-level data, so they don’t even need to go into HubSpot. Automated emails with reports save us a huge amount of time.”

    Finally, successfully onboarding and training everyone that uses HubSpot has contributed to Quadrotech’s impressive results with the platform. Everyone on the team has completed HubSpot Academy courses based on their speciality area as part of their introduction to HubSpot. The ease of use also helped. “Other tools we have used are quite outdated and hard to navigate. I could use HubSpot in my sleep,” adds Shelley.

    Results and ROI That Transformed the Company

    Since switching to HubSpot, Quadrotech has seen exceptional results. In just two years, they’ve increased their website conversions by 175%. Their conversions from organic search grew fivefold, and their paid search conversions threefold. HubSpot also contributed to Quadrotech’s 65% year-on-year growth in the marketing-sourced pipeline.

    HubSpot helped Quadrotech transform their sales efficiency and overall operations. Before using the platform, they were only tracking a handful of metrics, with limited visibility on digital channel performance, sales pipeline, productivity, and revenue. Nigel Williams, Chief Marketing Officer at Quadrotech, explained how they are satisfied with their investment so far, “Our implementation of HubSpot has played a really important part in the transformation of Sales and Marketing. We used HubSpot to establish both a single source of the truth and common operating practices across both teams. This has been successful and provided the foundations for improved visibility, deeper analytics and more rigorous and connected operations. The end result is improved performance across all aspects of digital demand generation and significantly stronger Sales and Marketing alignment.”

    Quadrotech has big plans for the future, and their sales and marketing teams don’t plan on slowing down. Shelley finishes up by adding, “We’re focusing on targeting enterprise companies and increasing our partnerships. Mastering ABM is also a huge goal for us, and HubSpot will be the platform to make it happen.”

    • Our old CRM only gave sales reps basic contact information, and they had to add a lot of information manually.” HubSpot also gives Quadrotech access to a sophisticated CRM without sacrificing ease of use.

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