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HubSpot Helps E-Signing Company Scrive to Write Its Own Ticket to International Success

Swedish e-signing company Scrive adopted the HubSpot Marketing Platform in 2014 to help it boost its web traffic, leads and sales. Since then, the company has grown rapidly and is now using the HubSpot software to scale and make the move into account-based marketing. Swedish e-signing company Scrive adopted the HubSpot Marketing Platform in 2014 to help it boost its web traffic, leads and sales. Since then, the company has grown rapidly and is now using the HubSpot software to scale and make the move into account-based marketing.

15x Increase in Enterprise Sales

300% increase in total revenue

11X increase in website traffic

Getting Started With an Integrated Inbound Solution

Back in 2014, e-signing company Scrive was using a collection of different online tools to drive web traffic and generate leads. “Everything you can name, we were using,” says VP of marketing and user experience, Joel Marsh.

However, the system was overly complex; the tools weren’t integrated and Scrive couldn’t get a clear picture of the effects of its actions. It decided to investigate marketing automation platforms, and the HubSpot software emerged as the clear winner. It had everything Scrive needed to implement a successful inbound marketing strategy, it was user-friendly, and it was at the right price point.

The company quickly got up and running with the HubSpot Marketing Platform. It used the SEO features to drive traffic to its website, and set up content, such as ebooks, whitepapers and webinars, on Landing Pages. Lead information was captured through Forms, and it used Workflows to nurture these potential clients.

“HubSpot really replaced a large and diverse set of tedious tasks,” explains Joel. “Some of the stuff is just impossible to do manually, like tracking what a lead viewed on the website and comparing that to the emails you sent them. That’s a lot of things to keep track of, but the HubSpot Marketing Platform made it easy.”

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Changing Lanes With the HubSpot Software

Scrive achieved a great deal of success with the platform, and at the beginning of 2016, the company decided it wanted to scale its marketing efforts, so it could reach enterprise clients in new markets.

It hired a marketing team, including Joel, and began to plan how it would use the HubSpot software to attract large customers.

“Our target customers are big and their requirements are complex. Before they buy an e-signing product, they have to do a lot of research, discuss it internally and find out more about the legal aspects. What we are doing now is creating a ‘knowledge base’ of content that can help them with that.”

This bank of content will attract the kind of clients that Scrive is looking for, and Joel plans to use the HubSpot Marketing Platform to then segment them into very detailed personas, based on their actions and subsequent follow-up communications.

“There only a few stakeholders who are in charge of making the e-signing decision, so we’ll be able to understand on a deep level what they need and how we can help them. We will be then be able to replicate the process with others who fit into the same persona group.”

This will allow Scrive to pursue another change, a move to account-based marketing. It will consider each prospective client as a “market of one”, and interact with them on a very personalised level.

“That’s the big shift that we’re making with the HubSpot software at the moment. With the persona information, we will be able to streamline the customer’s research before they even talk to us and to streamline our own sales process as well. We want to be really targeted; when you are dealing enterprise customers, it’s not that efficient to go with a wide net, because you end up with 90% irrelevant people.”

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Taking Inbound International

Partnering with HubSpot helped Scrive to achieve the initial results needed – it increased traffic and leads significantly. The company turned many of these leads into sales, which helped it grow total revenue by 300%.

“We have been very Nordic-based up until now, but we’ve started picking up our first genuinely huge, global enterprise customers in the past few months,” explains Joel.

“To continue to do that, we need to implement a different style of marketing, and the HubSpot software is my tool of choice for that. I re-evaluated it when I first started and I knew that it was the platform that could help us go global.”

As Scrive expands into more and more countries, it will be using “every inch” of the HubSpot Marketing Platform, says Joel. He plans to implement all the advanced features available, including A/B testing and Smart Lists, as well as using the Marketing Analytics Platform to continually evaluate and tweak strategy.

“Our product is something that customers stay with for a long time after they buy. The HubSpot software allows us to show them that we know their needs, can solve their problems and provide them with the level of support they need.”

About Scrive

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Scrive provides a premium e-signature data service. Their deep legal evidence and innovative “plug and play” product for retail Point-Of-Sale have made them a market-leader in Europe. Scrive’s customers span 21 countries and include enterprises from telecom, automotive, banking, insurance, and more.

Industry: Professional Services

Company Size: Mid-Market 25-200 employees

Location: United States

Software: Marketing

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