UiPath Sees 6X Increase in Traffic by Leveraging Inbound Marketing

In 2014, UiPath, a leading software provider in the robotic process automation (RPA) industry, was faced with an important challenge of effectively leveraging its web presence to expand its online footprint and brand awareness. In little more than one year using HubSpot's all-in-one marketing platform, UiPath has experienced significant growth in organic traffic, lead generation, and overall blog engagement. In 2014, UiPath, a leading software provider in the robotic process automation (RPA) industry, was faced with an important challenge of effectively leveraging its web presence to expand its online footprint and brand awareness. In little more than one year using HubSpot's all-in-one marketing platform, UiPath has experienced significant growth in organic traffic, lead generation, and overall blog engagement.

4x Growth in Organic Traffic

10% monthly contact growth

6X increase in blog traffic year-over-year

Differentiation Amongst the Pack

The RPA software provider industry is a tight-knit and highly competitive environment with less than a dozen top-tier vendors drawing from a rapidly growing customer pool. As such, the ability to clearly communicate differentiation is critical to building lasting, profitable business relationships and maintaining sustainable growth.

Founded in 2005, UiPath is recognized as an innovative RPA software company that provides technology for automating rule-driven, repetitive manual activities in business processes across a wide range of industries. For the past ten years UiPath has pursued a product strategy based on bringing the most innovative automation solutions to the marketplace. UiPath’s 8.0 product release in the fall of 2015 showcased automation customized for front and back office processes, deployed and managed on an enterprise grade platform.

“We wanted to prioritize technology innovation, create industry standards for automation software, and build a product that changed the future of work,” said UiPath Founder, Daniel Dines.  

In light of this and other pending product releases, UiPath saw an opportunity to leverage an enhanced online reputation management and storytelling strategy to market and position its products. It decided to adopt blogging and other inbound marketing methods as a way of setting itself apart from other RPA companies. Engaging and managing its web presence in this way set UiPath on a different course from its competitors who were concerned with more traditional marketing strategies rather than embracing cutting-edge modes of customer engagement.

Prior to HubSpot, UiPath’s marketing efforts were primarily based on strategies such as pay-per-click (PPC), technical search engine optimization (SEO), and other traditional digital methods. These conventional marketing methods made it difficult to tailor messaging and marketing to multiple segments of the RPA marketplace. In addition, these modes also inhibited the creation of targeted, personalized campaigns for a cross-section of potential audiences and customer personas.

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Inbound Marketing as Storytelling

The widespread use of blogging in the B2B industry and its utility in traffic and lead generation became increasingly attractive to UiPath as a key driver in heightening its profile in the RPA industry. UiPath Founder Daniel Dines believed a tactical, strategic approach would increase the effectiveness of UiPath’s existing web presence, moving beyond simply establishing the company’s capacity to affect change within the RPA industry.

Strong recommendations from industry peers and other associated industry players about HubSpot’s dynamic and engaging email marketing and blogging capabilities were the perfect compliment to Dines’ desire for a more robust, comprehensive platform for engaging in a dialogue with contacts and potential customers. 

Dines’ goal was to leverage HubSpot’s blogging and email campaign platforms as a tool to tell the story behind UiPath to forge a deeper connection with new and existing global partners and customers.

Dines and his team utilized HubSpot’s detailed analytic capabilities to monitor blog traffic, email click-through rates, and other metrics to tailor content to the needs of its customers, while at the same time using hot-button industry issues to further UiPath’s narrative and impact in the RPA industry.

In adopting HubSpot and its Inbound methodology, UiPath shed more traditional outbound marketing strategies and, during a one-year period, began a robust campaign of creating relevant, educational blog entries driving more traffic to their website from organic search. UiPath’s blogging strategy included tackling the industry’s most pressing issues and concerns, such as the current state and future of robotics automation across a variety of industries, while at the same time positioning UiPath as a thought-leader in this field.

David Eddy leads the UiPath blog’s editorial direction and is the point of contact for other inbound marketing and content efforts. Eddy spent a significant amount of time and effort researching competitor’s blogs and online presence and, searching for effective ways to make UiPath’s technology and product story stand out.

HubSpot’s blog capabilities allow Eddy to easily create, monitor, and analyze content as it appeals to various segments of the company’s target audience. By reviewing data such as overall traffic and various blog call-to-action performance, Eddy is able to gauge the impact the UiPath story is having on the blog’s visitors.

Workflows, landing pages, and other traffic-centric applications provide Eddy the tools to create a consistent stream of communication with customers by automating and tracking general emails, blog subscriptions, landing page traffic, and other important customer engagement data.

For him, the key to UiPath’s growth in traffic, leads, and contacts directly reflects the power of UiPath’s story, its commitment to Inbound principles, and the capabilities HubSpot provides in helping him craft a narrative that best resonates within the RPA industry.

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Exponential Growth through Inbound Marketing

HubSpot’s robust analytics give UiPath the insights needed to evaluate its full-funnel marketing efforts and allow it to see when adjustments are necessary to create the most effective messaging for their audience.

As a result, UiPath’s growth in traffic from organic search and overall web traffic has increased exponentially since implementing its Inbound strategy in October 2014.

Through targeted, personalized content, UiPath’s blog experienced more than a 6X increase in visitors between December 2014 and December 2015 – the blog generated just shy of 300 visitors in December 2014 compared with more than 2,000 this past December, representing a 33% increase in blog traffic.

The creation of engaging, customer-centric content, which enhances a potential customer’s ability to discover UiPath via organic search through search engines like Google, Yahoo, and others, has resulted in a 4X year-over-year increase in traffic from organic web searches.

UiPath’s Inbound strategies have also yielded a 10% monthly increase in overall new contacts.

What Does This Growth Mean?

With all this growth, it may be easy to overlook what these metrics actually mean. For a company like UiPath, which relies on Inbound strategies and tools to help drive sales and promote company-wide growth, these numbers signify greater opportunities to gain new customers and create lasting business relationships. In a competitive marketplace like the RPA industry, any sustainable edge in gaining market share will make a significant impact on a company’s overall return on investment.

In UiPath’s case, leveraging HubSpot’s Inbound concepts have played a very important role in the company’s growth and will be an integral part of their future marketing approach. Inbound marketing’s core principles of generating traffic, demand, and growth through specific, targeted messaging has helped establish UiPath as a leading innovator in RPA marketing strategy, just as it is in technology.

About UiPath

UiPath is a software company specialized in robotic process automation software solutions. A software robot aims to manipulate the presentation layer of application software in the same manner a human does. UiPath technology is used by thousands of companies particularly in document management, call center, healthcare, financial, API enablement, data extraction and migration, process automation, application integration and business process outsourcing verticals.

Industry: Software

Company Size: Small-Business 1-25 employees

Location: United States

Software: Marketing

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