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The 5 Best Content Management Systems

A content management system, CMS, is the foundation of your marketing and brand, so it’s critical that you choose the best CMS to enable your success. This page compares a number of CMS options to make your evaluation easier.

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Every Company Needs a Scalable CMS

In the early days of a business, creating a website to help generate attention for your brand isn't difficult. However, as your business grows the demands of your website grow too. More pages are created and need to be updated. More extensions and software are added. There's an ever-increasing layer of complexity that becomes a hassle to manage.

Growing your business is great, but it comes with unique challenges for your website. That’s where a CMS -- a Content Management System -- can help. Creating blog posts, landing pages, or even redesigning your entire website suddenly requires just one tool. And, depending on the CMS you select, a great option will streamline the creation, management, and measurement of content for everyone using it.

However, there are hundreds of CMS solutions available today ranging from free to thousands of dollars per month. To help you choose the best CMS, we’ve compiled the most recommended CMSes for scaling businesses. We’ve collected reviews, highlights, and comparative features of each to help you evaluate the best CMS that suits your business needs.


Popular Content Management Systems

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 HubSpot CMS Hub Wordpress Sitecore Drupal Craft
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HubSpot CMS Hub

Wordpress vs HubSpot

Sitecore vs HubSpot

Drupal vs HubSpot

Craft CMS vs HubSpot

To choose the five best CMSes for scaling businesses we looked at review websites, business websites, and other credible online sources. We asked our customers about which CMSes they evaluated to understand the needs of high-growth businesses.

Review data from G2 as of January 2020.

Criteria and features that you should look for in choosing the best CMS for your business.

  • Your CMS shouldn’t hold you back from creating or editing content, it should unlock the ability for you to create great content quickly. CMS Hub enables you to select a theme, or use a template that matches your brand and instantly start creating content without a developer required.

  • Many CMSes require a developer to edit page layout or design, CMS Hub enables you to easily drag-and-drop modules within a page and setup the perfect layout. In addition, we’ve made CMS Hub a tool developers will love, with the ability to create and lock brand settings to make sure pages and content stay consistent across all pages.

  • Your website is the face of your brand, so whether an important customer is stopping by, or a first-time visitor, you need to pass all relevant information bi-directionally between your CMS and CRM. This means that your entire organization can help put the customer first and have a single record of every interaction with that person.

  • Websites today can longer be static. With CMS Hub you have personalization to evolve the experience for contacts as your relationship grows without any developer required. No more irrelevant messages, just personal communication to every individual.

  • Choosing a CMS can’t be a short-term decision. The CMS you chose has to be able to scale with your employee growth, growth in markets, and the complexity of your business. CMS Hub is designed to do just that for everyone on your team.

  • The foundation of your website needs to be rock solid and built on a platform, and hosting provider that supports and cares about your website speed, stability, and security. CMS Hub uses a global CDN architecture to ensure websites load fast, and have 99.999% uptime, from any location across the globe. In addition, all websites using CMS Hub are automatically protected by our 24/7 security team and Web Application Firewall that stops hackers before they can ever affect your site.

Why HubSpot CMS Hub?

HubSpot CMS is the first, and only, CMS that combines website creation with the power of a CRM to customize the entire buying journey, streamline marketing and sales alignment, and deliver true closed-loop reporting. HubSpot CMS was built for cross-team alignment, while other CMSes were optimized only for developers.

Here are the reasons HubSpot CMS is the top choice for your business.

Governance and Control

Security is fundamental to CMS Hub. With CMS Hub you get a free SSL certification, and your website is hosted by our global Content Delivery Network that has automatic DDoS protection, a Web Application Firewall, and antivirus built-in.

Extensive Support

With CMS Hub, phone, live-chat, and web support is included at no additional cost. In addition, with your CMS Hub subscription you get hosting, and HubSpot Academy content to help build and scale the site of your dreams.


Cross-team Collaboration

With CMS Hub, marketers, developers, and IT professionals have the tools they need to build, scale, optimize, and measure websites to generate more sales without the traditional pain of website management.

  1. A view of HubSpot's content management system.

    Eliminate barriers with a flexible content creation experience.

    With pre-built templates and themes that match your brand, creating content is as easy as selecting a template and starting to write. Easily drag-and-drop content or modules across the page until it’s visually just the way you want it.

    With features like memberships, you can create web-app experiences for every visitor to your site. 

  2. HubSpot CMS and CRM integration.

    All-in-one CRM platform to help grow traffic and generate leads.

    CMS Hub is the first and only CMS on the market that combines all of the data from the CRM to help you build better relationships through content, and conversation. As a result, you'll always be able to keep track of your contact details, streamline your sales and marketing teams, all without ever writing a line of code.



  3. HubSpot CMS testing tools.

    Constant optimization of your content and website.

    With built-in tools like A/B testing, and Dynamic Page Testing, you can test every aspect of your site and consistently improve so there’s no need for a big website redesign.

  4. HubSpot CMS website analytics.

    Tie your website to your bottom line.

    Most marketing reporting requires connecting various tools. With CMS Hub you can easily see how many sessions, leads, and most importantly, customers you are generating without additional connections or headache.

  5. HubSpot CMS allows for local development.

    Remove all limits with tooling for developers.

    From local development tools to serverless functions, CMS Hub provides all the functionality your development will love.

What are customers saying?

HubSpot CMS was named a "leader" by G2 Crowd in the Web Content Management landscape. Check out the full report and reviews here.

Instead of spending time designing and building web pages, CMS Hub allows me to focus on strategic campaigns to help drive sales.


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HubSpot is trusted by over 135,000 businesses in more than 120 countries.

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